Best Cheap 4K Action Camera — ThiEYE T5e Review

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  1. I just baught a action camera that does 4k at 30 frames a second for $35 on amazon It also has good WiFi.

  2. why you review an action camera without performing any real action? one of the major deciding factor of an action camera is how well it stands up to abuses, or how well the mic works in wind? put it on your helmet and ride a bike, do a ski run or do something for god sake!!

  3. I purchased the sj5000x elite from their online shop. They promised a tracking number supplied in 1-3 days, after trying to contact the company for five days I finally filled out a request ticket. They promised a reply to the ticket within 24 hrs, seven days later I received  reply, they told me I had not paid enough for freight?? I paid what they asked originally at the purchase via paypal. I started a paypal claim. It took fifteen days for them to make an initial contact with me. Avoid this company if you want service!!

  4. I hate dem zebra for having striped, who the fuck do they think they are? Can’t even decided if they’re black or white.

  5. Cannot connect it to a Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD Live Production Switcher. This dog won't hunt! Any thoughts?

  6. I'm trying to hook up my cam to tv directly with a cable and the tv which is new also says it won't support the device????

  7. Hi is this câmera similar sjcam m20 , and xiaomi yi 4k and gopro hero 5 session , pls tell me better cost and Benefits tks

  8. Really cool video! If anyone is looking for an amazing action camera to capture footage even better than a Go-Pro, use this link to get $25 off the new Revl action camera:

    Just give it a look, I promise there's no weird spam re-direct. The tech behind the camera is pretty genius in my opinion

  9. Hi Sean, was wondering which lens cover or uv lens or lens hood from another action cam fits t5e. And what is the size of the glass surface on the back, because I just bought this and Im afraid mine will be shatter like yours 🙂 so im planning to put tempered glass on it. Thanks

  10. hey there,can you send me this?please i really want surprise which is it can record 2.5K in 60fps damn!!!! i never tought budget camera can do that…please reach me by my twitter @__syak
    Thank you

  11. awesome video , and sean cannell is an awesome guy.
    If you support then subscribe me.
    I owe my success to him a lot
    love u all guys!
    did a quick unbox video on OnePlus5T

  12. My favorite thing to do with action cameras are to take it with me to bars/clubs where I pick up chicks and bring them back to my place and I use my action camera to make homemade amateur porn vids! F*ckin awesome!

  13. Hi I just bought the thieye camera when I turn on I can’t do nothing all the buttons doesn’t work I can’t do anything
    Please let me know what can I do
    thank You

  14. You are videos are great. I have already subscribed. I have two questions. 1. How do I update the firmware? 2. what kind of charger i should use for charging the battery inside the camera?

  15. Plus shipping it sums 220€, which for someone like me gives the feeling that… it's just a camera. Stick to pictures and poor quality smartphone video.

  16. Can you put it on your clothes so you don't have to hold it or have it on your head? 🙂 Can you stream you walking on Twitch using your phone?

  17. Great video, I purchased the camera right away. Keep up the good work on the information on frame rates and so forth. Loads of useful information.

  18. Sean, thanks for the video. I'm totally new to this type of camera. How programmable are these types of cameras? Is software included, etc? Thanks again!!!

  19. Hi Sean, what head camera in 4k would you recommend for doing painting and decorating tutorials on a low budget?


  20. Come to the Newest model of 4K action camera.
    15% off here with code:
    Dual display, new way to enjoy your life!

  21. Anyone have a problem with battery not seating well? I'll go to power it on to find nothing happens. I remove the battery then put it back in and it's fine. I don't want this happening out in the field.

  22. I'm looking for a camera that will create a real-time mirror image on a android phone app via wifi. Any suggestions?

  23. Hi! Is this action camera really good? I want to buy this camera and I need a sincere opinion from someone who owns one .. I need to record slow mo for my Youtube channel. Thanks!

  24. This and many other budget "gopro" cameras have fake specs. They are not true 4k, they do not have true 60p, or 120p frame rates or the still resolution they claim. They interpolate 1080 to 4k, and repeat frames to get higher frame rates so you will not get slow motion. Buyer beware. These guys get free cameras and are paid through the links.

  25. A nice idea would be to tell how long you can record for on a 64gb card at 4k. It's not long?

  26. hi, did you encounter any over-heating problem with the T5e? Mine became very hot after a while, and this issue is intermittent. Thanks.

  27. Can I get a app were you can see what’s it is seeing live? For example can I stick it on a rc car and use my phone and drive the car around

  28. External memory: supporting UHS-I U3 Card up to 64GB

    It's not 128Gb as you said. thanks for great review.

  29. No action cam has good dynamic range no matter what people say. Excellent dynamic range means you have a lot of detail in the shadows AND the highlights at the SAME time. That's something a lot of people don't fully understand because they see the skies and forground and it's nicely exposed and other times they go into shadow areas and also it's exposed nicely and people seem to think that means excellent dynamic range but it's not. There won't ever be an action cam with excellent dynamic range because you'd need a very much bigger sensor and action camera companies want to keep their cameras small. Hell even most digital slr cameras don't have truly excellent dynamic range and the sensors are huge compared to action cam sensors.

  30. I just recently got mine. Did not get an extra battery with it, so I was glad that I ordered extras with a charger. Instead, I got this piece to snap on it as an audio enhancer. I have a mic to plug in though. Am learning about it now, so I can hike, bike & explore along with the use if a gimbal. Thanks for your review. I haven't upgraded the new firmware yet either…

  31. I have so much stock footage that i can't let go to waste. Please great in new edits. Check it out. Would super greatly appreciate any and all views and comments on upgrades.

  32. hey man I'm having trouble finding a good camera with or with out external mic. im wanting to film my duck hunts and dog training. I've found a few around 60 and less. is the external mic a must and 12 or 16mp?

  33. What MicroSD card did you use for the ThiEYE 4K? Was thinking of picking up four of them witch car mounts for process trailer shoots.

  34. Hello Sean, we are ThiEYE Company. We really appreciate your review on ThiEYE products! Our management has sent you mail to have a further discussion. Thanks.


  36. Good quality camera, but not possible to shoot upside down wich is a big issue in an action camera. Sound is not very good specially in noisy situations. A certain tendency to "green" the image when shooting trough transparent surfaces. It creates condensation easily in the closed case.Otherwise amazing value for the price I got under 90€.

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