Best Camera for YouTube? Canon M50 VS. Sony A6400

– So what is the best camera
for YouTube this year? Well, right now there’s a major battle between the Canon M50 and. – The Sony A6400. – So in this video, we’re gonna be talking
about the pros and cons of each of them to look
for the true winner. Coming up. (light upbeat music) Hey what’s up, Sean here. – Omar here. – And this is Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel, we do a lot of tips and strategy videos as well as tech gear
reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. – So these cameras both
have a lot of differences, but they also have a
lot of things in common that make them perfect cameras for YouTube and content creating. So let’s get into them. So both of these cameras
have a flip-out screen or a flip-up screen. So if you’re vlogging or if
you’re just creating by yourself you can see yourself. They also have incredible auto-focus so you don’t ever have
to worry about yourself being out of focus, just tap
the screen and you’re in focus. And then if you want
to level up your audio, you have the ability to because
they both have mic inputs. Both these cameras have
interchangeable lenses so if you bought the
camera with the kit lens, you can upgrade it in the future to level up your video and photo game. They both shoot incredible
video at 1080 and 4K. They also have great photo quality, so if you wanna use it for
social media like Instagram, level up your thumbnails,
it’s an all-in-one camera and then they both have
a great small form factor in not taking up too
much space in your kit. – And then one final commonality is that neither of the cameras have IBIS which stands for in-body
image stabilization. Now that’s kinda of been a downside that people been criticizing this camera but in this video, we’re gonna talk about how it’s really not that big of a deal and actually puts these two
cameras on the same plane field. (upbeat music) The first advantage of the Canon M50 is hands down the price. It is the better value, no question. At $600 with the kit lens, you have an awesome content creation tool that is much more accessible
for people on a budget. The other thing to
consider is that investing in just the camera and the
lens is not the only thing you should be considering
as a content creator. You wanna get a tripod,
maybe a microphone, some lighting, some other
accessories for vlogging. And so, thinking about your
total budget is important with the Sony coming in at
$400 more just to get started. Additionally, the lenses
for your Canon M50 are also gonna be more affordable. One of the top lenses we
recommend for upgrading the M50 especially if you want to
vlog is the 11 to 22 lens. That lens runs around
$350 whereas for the Sony, that lens will run you almost
900 additional dollars. So for the price of just getting an A6400, you can not only get this
camera with the kit lens but also upgrade to some other
lenses and other accessories which is something you
should definitely consider. The M50 also wins when it
comes to its ease of use and its overall body layout. The fact that the flip
screen goes to the side allows you to put a microphone on top whereas on the Sony A6400, that’s a little bit of a challenge blocking the flip-up screen. The other thing about Canons is that generally they are just
a little bit easier to use, the menu layout, the
understanding of it all, the ability to just intuitively grasp the learning curve of the M50. In fact, Canon even includes
a beginner photography mode that will educate you on how
to get good image quality. So definitely if you’re more
on the beginner side of things or you want a camera that’s
not gonna trip you up with technical know-how, the
M50 has the advantage there. But we definitely need to talk about some of the downsides and cons of the M50 and there are a few. The first one is 4K video, you’re limited to only 24 frames a second, you lose the dual pixel autofocus. So focus kinda hunts and
it’s just not as powerful as it is when you have that
dual pixel autofocus in 1080p. And there’s a crop factor in 4K which means it zooms in a lot
making it sort of unusable unless you use some ultra wide lenses or some other types of adaptors. It’s not that the 4K can’t be used at all and the image quality
is actually very good if you’re willing to
setup a filmmaking rig and use manual focus, but
for the average YouTuber, it’s kind of a deal breaker if you wanna be shooting
a lot of 4K footage. And then one other con of the M50 is you don’t have the
same slow motion features that you would get in the A6400. Yes, you can do 1080p at 60
frames a second in the M50 and that looks great but if you go up to 120 frames a second
which is 4X slow motion, that footage is only available in 720p. Now from our test, it does
look actually pretty great but it’s more of something
cool to use at the pool with your kids jumping off the
diving board in slow motion or kind of dabbling here
and there in your vlogs. But if you really want 4K, and
you really need slow motion, then the Sony A6400 would
be the better choice. (upbeat music) – So let’s jump into the
pros of the Sony A6400. Number one, we definitely
notice the image quality is just superior to the M50, and that isn’t to ding
that the M50 isn’t good, it has a great picture, but
when you compare the two, there’s definitely a difference and you can notice it
in these vlogging clips of Heather and Mel down in Downtown Vegas and jumping back and forth
from the M50 to the 6400 clips, you just notice this one is better. So I think that’s number one to note. Secondly, the Sony shoots 4K
up to 30 frames per second versus the M50 which only shoots
up to 24 frames per second and number one, has a huge
crop when you jump into 4K, and then secondly, you lose
the dual pixel autofocus, making it hard to make
content in front of the camera because it’s so hard to
keep yourself in focus. Now the 6400, you don’t lose any features, the autofocus still remains strong, the 30 frames per second in
4K has a very slight crop but totally makes this a fully functioning 4K camera for YouTube content. Another awesome thing about the Sony is that it shoots 1080p up
to 120 frames per second so if you really wanna go creative and shoot really buttery
smooth slow motion 4X slow, you can do that with this camera. Another great thing about
the 6400 is its autofocus. Sony put in a artificial
intelligent autofocus system into this camera. This autofocus is really reliable, it’s strong and dare we
say here on Think Media, might be better than Canon’s
dual pixel autofocus. So when we were Downtown, Sean was moving in and out
of frame and because it has the artificial intelligence
technology they put in it, it still remembers Sean’s face which will make it very
easy for you to make content by yourself by simply
running up to the camera, tapping your face and
scooting all the way back and then just knowing
that you’re in focus. And we’ve noticed from all
of our test and research that Sony has definitely
fixed the overheating issues that have come in the past APC models, and so pretty pumped about that, which is an important thing because one of our favorite
features about this camera is that it doesn’t have a record limit. Most DSLR and mirrorless cameras have a cap of about 30
minutes on your record time so when you hit that threshold, the camera is just gonna stop recording and then you’re gonna
have to record again. Now if you’re a solo content creator like many people on YouTube, it’s kinda hard to always wonder if you’re gonna hit that 30-minute mark if you’re doing take
after take after take. Now if you have enough card
space and good enough battery, you’re gonna be able to just
shoot all the way through to get all your videos done and I think it also makes
this kinda like a camcorder because you don’t have to worry about your time limit of recording so maybe Johnny’s sports game,
or you know Sally’s recital, you can just record the
thing all the way through. And then lastly, a feature
that maybe filmmakers would appreciate is that this camera, the 6400 has picture profile so like Sony’s S-log two
and three, hybrid log gamma, Cine4, and all that means
is you have the ability to shoot a flat image so that
you can color correct in post which is something that you can grow into. So that’s what’s cool about this camera, although it’s a little bit high in price in comparison to the M50, it’s a camera that you can grow into, taking the consideration the
1080 at 120 frames per second, being able to shoot in
flat-colored profiles, the true 4K, the non-record limit, it’s definitely a camera that you can just
really, really grow with. But there’s definitely
some cons about this camera and one of those being is the price point. For the 6400 and its kit lens, you’re looking at about $1,000 and that’s $400 more than the M50’s kit so that’s just something
to take into consideration. Also something to note is
Sony’s lenses selection is just a little more expensive. So even as you grow, it’s just everything is just a little more
expensive than Canon. Also another con that
Sean kinda touched on was the flip-up screen which is awesome, however, it’s in the way of the hot shoe and so if you wanted
to get an external mic, you’re gonna put the external mic right on top of the camera
blocking your field of view, making the screen kind of pointless. There are some solutions
that you can look into and we’ll put some links
in the description below about some rigs or maybe some setups that move the mic in other places so you can still have
access to your screen and your mic but it then starts
to get a little bit bulky. And then lastly, the final
con would definitely be the lack of in-body image stabilization which the M50 does not have, however, other Sony cameras
do have that feature, so with this camera coming
on to the market in 2019, I think a lot of people just
expected to be on this camera but I think Sony definitely wanted to keep the price point
affordable and most cameras don’t have in-body image
stabilization anyway. So if you’re shooting with a tripod, if you wanna get smooth footage, you can definitely invest in a gimbal but it’s definitely not a deal breaker and you can create awesome
YouTube content with this camera. So those are the pros
and cons of each camera in our perspective but we’d like to hear what you think about each camera. Which camera do you think it’s better? The 6400 or the Canon M50? Let us know in the comment section below and we’ve also done in-depth videos about each camera so we’ll
definitely put that link in the YouTube card and
in the description below. But Sean, we covered both these cameras and we definitely have
come to the conclusion that these are both great
cameras for YouTube, however, if someone’s still on the fence, or still thinking about it,
what would you tell them? – Yeah, I mean, I think
when it comes to the M50, I still believe that this is the best all around camera for YouTube, hands down when you consider price,
features, and all of the above. If you don’t need 4K and it’s my belief that most people don’t, 4K is
still not really mainstream, you can get away without it, most computers or laptops
are not ready to handle the editing of 4K, so
you need to think about like your entire workflow. I think it also, when it comes to the M50, the fact that it’s $600, you could shoot with it out of the box, but then you have more
margin to upgrade your gear which is something
everybody needs to consider. An overall studio, their
lighting, future lenses, and so from a budget standpoint and even from a quality standpoint, I think that the M50 camera
is what I would start with but Omar, what are your thoughts as far as those that maybe
are leaning towards the A6400? – No, I definitely agree with that, the M50, best camera for YouTube this year because of that budget
and everything you get. But I would say, the Sony
A6400 and who it’s for is that person who wants to get into a little entry level
freelance work, you know, I think if you’re not gonna
make 4K YouTube content, yeah, you don’t need this camera, but one day 4K is gonna be mainstream, and if you want to future-proof yourself for a couple $100 today or now, that you’ll be able to have 4K when it becomes a little more mainstream. Also because of its features, you can rally step into
entry level freelancing. So not only will this
camera is good for YouTube but you can start using this camera to make money shooting weddings, shooting promos for small businesses and things of that nature. So I think this camera can
really be a money maker which is definitely
something to think about when you’re making that investment. – Yeah, Omar, I completely agree and I’m glad you brought up money too because I think another
way to put it is this, if I only had $1,000
total to spend this year, I would actually get the M50 because if I got that camera, all I could get is the
camera and the kit lens and I’d be out of money. But I’d think of the M50 because I would also wanna
get tripods, lighting, I’d be thinking about my overall impact that I need to make with that budget. However, if I had $1,500 or
$2,000 to spend this year, I wouldn’t hesitate from
going with the A6400. There’s no doubt, the
image quality is better, I’d wanna future-proof and I
would want that extra money to invest in those other accessories. So we hope that this video
has been valuable for you and if you think it has been valuable, can you smash the like button, that would mean the world to us and then, check out some of the links
in the description below because we definitely
have some deeper dives on each of these cameras. (upbeat music)

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    Ive been a fan of sony since day 1 and I upgraded from a5100 to 6400.
    Its true that you need lots of money for this camera,the lens etc.
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  23. I know that IBIS is all the rage, but not everyone wants it. It is just another mechanical doohickey that can fail at some point. Working with stabilisation rigs etc the IBIS is actually a problem and can create some jitters. I know there are a lot of complaints when Panasonic brought out their GH5S about the lack of IBIS, but it was actually in response to working professionals who were frustrated with the problems IBIS causes. Lack of IBIS is not such a big problem for everyone and some of us see it as an advantage 🙂

    I would disagree on the price conclusion. It is better to get the more expensive camera now and wait a little to collect all desired accessories over the next year or two, because the A6400 is so much better with image quality and slow motion. In many ways it is not fair to compare them. In the price range of the M50, the M50 is a standout camera and the best on the market at that price point. At the A6400 price point it is close to first place, but there are other options that might be better. A used GH-4 would be both cheaper and a better camera, for example, but if comparing M50 with A6400, I would get the Sony. Lack of money is the only reason to get the Canon.

    Of course there is another complication. We are expecting 3 new cameras from Canon in the next few weeks. It is thought that a M5 II and M6 II will be amongst them, and Canon may surprise with an M50 II before Christmas. Expectations are that Canon is pulling all stops to match and exceed the A6400, so the Sony might not be first choice for long. August 28th, and October are rumored to be when Canon drops new cameras this year.

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