Best Budget Camera Monitor (For Cameras Without Flip Screens)

– So when shooting YouTube videos, it’s really nice to have a flip out screen so that you can monitor yourself and make adjustments. But what happens if your camera doesn’t have a flip out screen, or if you actually are
shooting further away? Well, you can always invest in an expensive external monitor, but not everyone has the money to do that. So in this video, I want to talk about my favorite cheap monitor for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, which is actually free. And that is, using your smartphone or a laptop with software to create a monitor for your video. So I’m gonna review how to
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consider subscribing. So a lot of us, when
creating YouTube videos, we shoot by ourselves, right? So whether we’re at home or at an office, it’s really nice to have a camera that has a flip-out monitor so that when you’re shooting, you can monitor yourself,
maybe adjust some settings. But you run into a couple situations that can be problematic. Number one, maybe your camera doesn’t have a flip out screen. So now, you have to get everything right, start the recording, run
in front of the camera, and then it’s kind of a guessing game. Or, it does but maybe you’re shooting kind of far away from the camera. Right now, I’m about five,
six feet away from it. So even having a monitor
wouldn’t help me very much. And additionally, it’s also nice if you can adjust the controls without having to be behind the camera. Because in this case,
I’d have to run back, adjust the controls, run back over here, adjust the controls. And so that’s why having
an external monitor is really nice. But they can cost a lot of money. They range from a couple hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars. So in this video, I wanted
to talk about a free way to create an external monitor. And initially, that is downloading the app for your camera. So right now we’re actually shooting on a Sony a7R II, and this
is Sony Play Memories app. And I’m able to start and
stop the recording on here, as well as see the entire shot composition right here on my phone. Now, the different apps vary depending on the camera model. There’s a Panasonic one, it’s
called a Panasonic Image app. And the Canon one is called
the Canon Camera Connect. And different ones do different things. And the Sony one, I don’t think we can adjust the controls here, but we can star and stop
recording, so that’s nice. You can make sure the
camera’s still running, you can see your whole shot composition. But on the Canon app, you can change the shutter speed, the ISO, so even if you want to
dial in the exact picture and image settings, you
can do that on the app. Okay, and so the two things that you want to check to see if you can do this with your set-up, is, is your camera a new enough model to have Wi-Fi and app compatibility, and does your camera manufacturer actually have an app for your camera? We know Canon, Panasonic, Sony’s good, and I’m sure some of the other brands have it covered as well. Additionally, there’s
some other cool things you can do with the mobile
app for your camera. I mean, if you’re ever
taking a group photo and you’re setting your camera up, instead of using your timer, you can just use your
phone as a remote shutter. Of course, you can
start and stop recording if you want to do video clips. But it’s also great for
just transferring files. A lot of the newer cameras allow you to transfer video and photos over Wi-Fi, and we like to do this a lot on the road if we want to take nicer
photos for Instagram or whatnot, we can just
grab them to our phones really quickly and share them online. So using an app is a super good solution. However, there is another solution that might work for you as well, and that is using your
laptop and software. And so, the only way that
I’ve ever tested this is with the Canon EOS utility. This is another great way to
be able to create a monitor as well as adust your settings. So here’s all you have to do to set it up, is you grab your USB cable, and you can just plug it into your camera. This is a Canon 70D. Picked it up right away
there on my camera, and it opens up the EOS Utility app. Then I can go into my camera settings and remote shooting, and
go to my live view mode, and there it is, it’s
activating the camera now. One tool or tip that I’m using here is the USB extension cable, that’s just USB about, I
think it’s 10 feet long, because this little black
cable’s not very long. And now I can use this camera and operate it remotely here. So if I was to use this
as the main shooter here, then I can not only see my shot, but I can make all kinds
of adjustments to it, even down to the frame
rate and the white balance, and a lot of things. So if you were going to be batch
producing content yourself, you’ve got your whole studio
set up just like this, then this is a great way. You could have even your notes here on the studio computer, your laptop. And you can also make sure
you have your adjustments and settings all controlled through the EOS utility. So either a software solution or a mobile phone, iPhone app solution. Two really great ways to have
the best monitor for cheap, actually free, right, if you
already have that stuff around to be able to start
leveling up your videos because you have more control and better vision of the
content you’re creating. Okay, so I hope these tips were helpful. And as usual, I will post
links to the EOS download and other information, the app downloads, in the YouTube description below. So definitely check those out. Question of the day: have you ever used these software or these apps before on your phone, for a monitor, for remote
shooting, anything like that. Definitely share your tips with the Think Media community
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