BEAR TRAP, 360 CAMERA – Will It Juggle?!

this is probably the most difficult
combo I’ve ever tried I’m about juggle oh this is a terrible idea what does the
for everybody welcome back to the channel my name is Josh Gordon if you’re
new here I’m a juggler I do some juggling once a while and this is a
series called will it juggle where I take your guys suggestions put them on a
wheel and see if I can juggle them in the past we’ve done some pretty crazy
stuff like this or like this even juggled Cassie’s favorite dishes are you
kidding me it didn’t go so well Cassie’s extra not here today Dakota is
here helping me film hey Dakota hello and Dakota is also juggler and he
brought some crazy stuff what are what are these that’s a flaming chain sword
flaming chain sword we’ve got rat traps I’ve done mouse
traps before but never rat traps this folks is a bear trap terrifying why do
you even own this I’m excited to see is he brought a 360 camera so maybe I will
juggle the 360 camera they’ll try look pretty crazy let’s spin the wheel here
we go let’s see what we got there’s a lot of crazy stuff on the wheel off this
episode half of it is Dakota’s stuff half of it is your guy’s suggestion starting out with the 360 camera okay
and this if you look pretty cool let’s uh I think I want something else with it
I don’t want to just draw these in yeah let’s see let’s see what I’m gonna
juggle with it bear trap but we’re starting out strong
this is gonna be a good good first first left minute let’s see so we got a bear
trap a 360 camera oh another great phone we only have one bear trap not bear trap
again The Flaming chase or its holy cow we’re starting now strong I’m excited to
see this in 360 this is a chain sword that we’re gonna catch on fire it’s a
little bit of lighter fluid a bear trap you don’t want your fingers to touch
that part or it activates the trap and it’ll hurt your hand a lot but I’m
honestly most most nervous about juggling this is like a six hundred and
fifty dollar camera a bell so I don’t want to drop this but I also don’t wanna
hurt myself we’re now filming in 360 we are
we are lit with our rolling Oh don’t drop the camera how does it look
everyone are you nauseous okay let’s do the bear trap under the leg oh my gosh
and why now let’s do the chain sword and a leg too there you have it hey they juggle these
all actually not gonna they juggle pretty well that was pretty easy
hopefully that looked awesome you guys enjoyed that my first time juggling in
360 I also hope that you didn’t get sick watch it now what great a lot of you guys have
commented lamp over the last few episodes so you’re finally getting your
wish Cassie as I said is not clear so hopefully she is okay with me
juggling is what I don’t think it’s the most beautiful lamp in our house so with
the lips we’re going to juggle the toilet seat perfect okay so we’ve got
lamp and the toilet seat oh my gosh
and the crutch I saw that comment for the crutch and I was like that’s a
really good idea and then I was holding it and I was like this is a really bad
idea I have no idea how I’m going to ah juggle juggle this let alone with these
two other very different items Josh you may need the crutch every time I hurt
myself I need to hobble off yeah that’s good I don’t know if this is gonna work
all right this might be more difficult than the bear trap and the camera we’ve
got a lamp a toilet seat and a crutch the crutches
the hardest part I think maybe the toilet seat might open which is also
difficult and the lamp if I drop it will shatter so either way it’s gonna be
entertaining for you guys I also got the toilet seat from Goodwill I don’t know
what that means it’s used or not which is kind of gross it’ll start in a
balance yeah I’m not gonna lie that would weigh
longer I can’t believe it actually worked uh hope Cassie didn’t like that
lamp oh well that didn’t go so well but those are three pretty difficult before
we go to the next round I got one for you guys something I’m really excited
about the new Josh Horton juggling balls are out these are the Pro Series
juggling ball a lot of you guys have purchased the beginner set and they’re
the silver one with the black logo and as I called them they’re the beginner
set they are very solid to set up doubling balls we’re just learning but
if you are a juggler if you love struggling or if you’re brand new these
are the best juggling balls that I sell on my storage other warehouse I’m not
just saying that these are awesome link in description if you want to buy
yourself some and here’s a quick little montage of Dakota Nigel Indies well round number three here we go guys
we got some crazy stuff left though violin all right someone commented this
a while ago and we found this violin at Goodwill so real quick
bet you guys didn’t but you guys didn’t know I was really good at violin thank
you okay so violent tazer great okay this is what a Taser
sounds like okay little stronger the last Taser
I used how many volts is this you know about 500,000 500,000 volts
all right great what else sickle great Thielen taser sickle since
sickle I’m gonna go for four items because it’s the finale is the last
round I just think trading for you guys I’m gonna regret it in about five
seconds a tic-tac a tic-tac not not a pack of
Tic Tacs just a tic-tac which several of you guys
have commented in the past and I always thought it was a great idea
but now I regret what I said about a fourth item this is probably the most
difficult combo I’ve ever tried I’m a little juggle we’re gonna try it now
here we go oh this is a terrible idea all right just to remind you all Tic Tac
violin tazer sickle yes that’s where you get these these videos
keep getting crazier and crazier I hope you guys are with me on that where’d my
tic tacs go under you right there oh you have it today’s video everyone thank you
so much for watching and special hello to all of my new subscribers thanks for
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let’s go to the beach god

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