Barking and Dagenham CCTV Appeal | Episode 28

Coming up… on the Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal Midnight mass- dumping at Neasham Road. Shocking! Family dumps rubbish after dark.
Giving us the blues – man dumps plastic bags.
Wheely not on – man dumps car tyres. Woman with pram clearly don’t give a damn
about keeping our borough clean. Eldred Road dumper fills us with dread.
What a plank – man dumps waste in Gurney Close! Shopping shocker! Man chucks bags
Bag once again – serial dumper strikes! Thanks a lodge! – guy dumps bag in Lodge
Avenue. That’s not what prams are for! Bags dumped in Devon Road.
Hello and welcome back to the Barking and Dagenham Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal. You may have noticed, Mr Wall of Shame is
away on his holidays at the moment so I’m taking over this episode.
We know that most people who live in Barking and Dagenham take pride in their local area
and dispose of their rubbish responsibly. But a small number of selfish plonkers ruin
it for the rest of us by chucking their rubbish on our streets! Well, we’re not taking it! And we need you to help – if you recognise
any of these offenders, please confidentially get in touch. We’ll go after them and make sure they’re
hit with a fine. We start at Neasham Road where cardboard,
bags and a table have been dumped in the middle of the night. They definitely don’t have table manners
and they can look forward to us serving them with a £400 fine.
Let’s be crystal clear – these recycling bins are here for people to put their recycling
items into. NOTHING should be left next to them – you
can’t just dump rubbish and big items next to these recycling bins! Large items like mattresses should be taken
to the tip or you can order a bulky waste collection to have them removed. These recycling bins aren’t a place to dump
any of your rubbish! What an outrageous family night out! A couple get their children to help them while
they dump a whole load of bags after dark. Absolutely not what you should be teaching
your kids! And look who is it again! This serial tipper was here a few days earlier
dumping another bag in broad daylight! Help us stop this – get in touch if you
know her. Here’s a bit of sneaky littering – but
our cameras have caught it. Know him? Drop us a line if you do
Did you wheelie think you’d get away with this?! Watch as this guy dumps a couple of tyres
here. Even with wheels he’s not fast enough for
our camera. Recognise him? Help us catch and fine him! This isn’t child’s play – this lady
is teaching her child that it’s OK to dump rubbish on our streets! Well, we’ve got a lesson for her – if
you dump in our borough, you’ll be hit with a £400 fine. This woman casually chucks these large items
next to this bin. Charming! Think you know her? Get in touch asap. When it rains, it pours. Memo to Mr Fly-tipper: these aren’t the
fly-tipping Olympics and there’s definitely no gold medal for you. Recognise him? Then get in touch now! And I .. oop! Hey, did you forget your shopping sir? You’ve just chucked these bags on the floor! This is not on. No ifs. No Buts. Help us catch and fine this doughnut. This guy is bag at it again! Don’t let him get away with rubbishing Barking
and Dagenham. Please, if you know him, confidentially tip
us off. We spotted this guy dumping a bag by this
public bin – that’s illegal and he faces a fine. If you want to use a public bin, make sure
you actually put the rubbish in the bin, not next to it. Get in touch if you know him. Last one for this episode, we’re on Devon
Road where this woman uses her buggy to dump a load of black bags, ruining the street for
everyone else. She’ll be strolling away with a £400 fine
if you can help us to identify and catch her. Please let us know if you recognise her. Thanks for watching! Want more? Head over to our Wall of Shame page where
you can watch all of our previous episodes

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