Barking and Dagenham CCTV Appeal | Episode 22

We need a lie down after spotting these dirty
mattress dumpers! We can chair-ly believe it! Fly-tipper caught on camera! What a plank! Plank dumper on Shafter Rd! Laurence Calvert Close is back – with more
leaks! Box all this then? St Chad’s is back! Bag dumper on Eldred Rd! And another! Child’s play! Man dumps buggy on the Heathway Disgusting! More public urinators spotted! Shocking! These car driving dumpers empty a bootful
of rubbish – twice! That slash will cost him some cash if he’s
caught – another public urinator! Wally dumps trolley in Westminster Gardens! Welcome back to the CCTV Appeal! Our bin bag of fly-tipping incidents is full
to the brim this week, but before we dive into the filth we wanted to answer a question
we’re often asked about how many of our fines are paid. Within the last year, 70% of the fines we’ve
issued have been paid, and we’ve taken further action for the rest. Now, let’s get into the footage. While we can’t blame this pair of jokers
for wanting to chuck out this manky mattress and settee, we can’t excuse the fact they’ve
decided to chuck them away in the middle of the road! If you know either of them then get in touch
– they’ve got a big fine coming their way! We’ve seen more chairs dumped in Barking
and Dagenham than we have in the Ikea catalogue! We need your help to stop that! Think you recognise this guy? Then get in touch now! We spotted this guy dumping a few boards and
a plank by this bin shed, on Shafter Rd. This is actually illegal – to avoid a fine
he should’ve arranged to have them collected on the council’s website or taken them to
the tip himself. Now he faces a £400 fine if he’s identified. Back to Laurence Calvert Close now, which
has too many people treating it like a toilet. Help us stop this by getting in touch on the
number below if you know this man. We’re constantly receiving complaints about
fly-tipping on St Chad’s Road, it’s a problem we’re working hard to solve. You can help us by identifying this box dumper
we spotted. Get in touch if you think you know him. These images are blurry, but this bag dumping
woman’s distinctive coat might trigger someone’s memory – know her? Get in touch! We spotted this guy dumping a bag by this
public bin – that’s illegal and he faces a fine. If you want to use a public bin, make sure
you actually put the rubbish in the bin, not next to it. Get in touch if you know him. They grow up so fast… but not so fast you
don’t have time to dispose of their buggy properly! Think you know this guy? Get in touch now and we’ll be serving him
with a £400 fine. This guy thinks it’s perfectly acceptable
to use this alleyway as a toilet – it’s not and now he faces a fine if he’s caught. You can contact our enforcement team anonymously
on the number below if you know him! This is really shocking. This guy’s been spotted illegally dumping
a bootful of bin bags into these commercial bins… twice! That’s right, after doing it the first time
he came back a week later to dump even more! Our images didn’t capture his number plate,
so we need your help to identify him! These bins are paid for by the businesses
near them – that’s why they have a sticker on them saying commercial waste only. It’s not fair on local business owners that
they’re paying for their rubbish to be removed, and this guy is getting the benefit. Not when he could have taken it to the tip. Last one for the Heathway, there’s another
public urinator! Don’t hesitate – call and quote 212 if
you know him! We end this episode with a return to Westminster
Gardens where these two have dumped a shopping trolley! Think you know this dumping duo? Get in touch asap. Thanks for watching! Want more? Head over to the Wall of Shame page where
you can watch all of our episodes

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