Barbara, Industrial IoT easy and secure

The technologly revolution is enabling new business models and operating improvements in the so-called Digital Transformation In this process, the data capturing and processing through the Internet of Things (IoT) is extremely useful However, the implemention of IoT does not lack difficulties It is calculated that 3 out of 4 companies trying to implement IoT eventually fail. Why does this happen? Mainly because of 3 challenges: 1) How to capture data from very hetereogeneous sources 2) How to send this data to already existing systems in the plant and 3) and most important How to preserve the security and integrity of the data and systems involved The platform developed by the Barbara team answers to those 3 main challenges allowing IoT deployments quickly and secure Barbara is software in the edge, designed with the security as the main requirement. It allows the data capture from industrial devices and sends it to Big Data platforms, artificial intelligence platforms among others It is an open solutions that brings flexibility and scalability Barbara is a solution focused on the industrial market that is already being successfully used in sectors such as: Agriculture Logistics and Energy Barbara Software is installed in IoT devices that are distributed across the plant From the remote management board you can deploy the application to capture and process the data Later, on the same management dashboard you can monitor the behaviour of the devices modify their configuration or install new applications to capture other data or make a different processing From their origin in 2016 Barbara IoT has managed to make space for itself by developing an innovative product that gives answer to the market challenges After 3 years of sustained growth a consolidated partnership program and a steady commercial progress it’s one of the startups with the biggest projection in Spain With Barbara, Industrial IoT becomes easy and secure

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