75 thoughts on “Baltimore To Use Police Surveillance Planes In Controversial Pilot Program | NBC Nightly News

  1. this data is also going to be sold and mined by insurance/banks/silicon valley and will be another revenue stream for the pigs.

  2. A hybrid drone would have gotten closer, better resolution and have constant tracking. You could by a swarm, nay, a sky fleet of drones for the same cost of a Cessna. Save the planes for crop dusting.

  3. Forget privacy this isn't privacy violation unless you've committed some crime. People are so ignorant of how sophisticated organized crime is. We need to use something that matches it. Nobody's going to look at these tapes until something happens.

  4. Lol so, a billionaire can use ill-gotten gains to order citywide surveillance tech created for and used in a war we did not win and did not have any legitimate right to begin in the first place. Tech that is using the Patriot act to shield it's true goals. Lol okay. At least China is up front about it's surveillance. USA thinks lying and manipulating is a better way to do it, eh? Lol

  5. It's an experiment for God's sakes. Man a lot of these people at that talk about invasion of privacy usually have something to hide. They use the same excuse when they don't want to pay taxes and they don't want to do this and I don't want to do that. They don't want oversight because they're breaking the law or going Beyond social boundaries

  6. This is what they want . they wanna allow crime to skyrocket so they could use different methods to watch you and it feeds itself . all in all ,they want to control everything and all you do

  7. Privacy is more important to me. Crime happens, because people are people, be responsible for your own security without big brother looking over your shoulder.

  8. Those same cartel members would be welcomed with open arms in sanctuary cities. Cartel members that escape from the Mexican police, and retribution by entering our country.

  9. At the end they claim it could be used to "Exonerate" innocent people 🤔 Like police cameras do now?Ok🖕🏿 #RussianLawsOnUsSoil

  10. This is extremely scary. I'd like to see someone hover a "community support" drone with high tech cameras over this guy's family's home 24/7 and see if he's ok with this type of surveillance then.

  11. I feel any & all "gang" members convicted of a violent crime involved in gang related activities should be executed by firing squad without appeal, probation, family and friends contact or parole. Fear or no fear, they made the choice.

  12. DEATH and civil war are the ONLY future that dirty working pig loving Trump trash have left ! SHOOT these filthy Masonic prostituted Trump trash bags out of the sky !

  13. This is a real life Handmaid's Tale/Police State. Y'all gonna accept this? "Private donors" are going to fund this? 🤔 who are they? (This is a rhetorical question.) Fight this. I'm telling you right now…

  14. Here's the real reason why they let Baltimore become so corrupt and turned into a disaster …its all to do more syrvalences on Americans …China's communist ways …wake up people

  15. We need that in CA. Too many dumbasses here that are asking to get locked up. But they know thier is not enough law enforcement to catch them in the act.

  16. DARPA already has this technology… and it has been rolled out in major cities across the U.S

    stratospheric technology will operate at altitudes that are simultaneously high enough to enable coverage of an entire city and low enough to easily collect and convey detailed images of everything in view.

    America we can kiss our privacy goodbye cause Big brother Government is watching your every move ..

    George Orwell 1984 coming to a reality to a city near you ….

    Anything is legal if it’s masquerading behind a National Security threat

  17. This is great! Inclement weather will be an issue, but every little bit helps. Baltimore is a shithole of crime, run by Democrats so it's a great place to start this.

  18. China is using drone's cameras and amplifiers to remind those local people who forget to wear masks to wear masks. I found it very hilarious when seeing those people were shocked by the voices talking to them coming from above.

    If people do not have any intentions to commit crimes, this kind of surveillance are actually protecting people, except those activities prevailing in the CIA, FBI etc tapping into people's cell phones and hacking into computers are truly intruding citizens' privacy.

  19. This is exactly what my dad used to do when he was working for the Army to spy on the Russians in Berlin back in the '80s.

  20. Creepy and this is what they tell us!!! Inagone what they do not tell us!!! " Our government " and I say ours is just that " OURS " at some point they took over and is no longer about the people but about what makes money and what 2% pockets they go into!!! And " our " vets live on the streets, we have children who are hungry and homelessness, and medication that costs an arm and a leg, on and on and on I can go!! When will " we" as a country take it back!! And start protesting and making them listen to our needs?? Theirs are met, they have health insurance and they ALL live in million dollar homes and do not send their children to war!!! WTF people stand up and take it back!!! I'm on board who else is???? I live in PHX AZ I will be more than happy to get a protest started in front of our state Capitol!!!!

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