Bahn verstehen – aktuell informiert mit dem Verspätungs-Alarm

Hi, it’s me again, Sebastian. Today I will explain to you how the free Delay Alarm works. Listen up! Sure, delays are annoying, but keep in mind that Deutsche Bahn transports about 6.2 million passengers per day. This is an incredibly complex system where so much can happen that affects trains services. The Delay Alarm has been developed to keep you informed at all times. You can activate it at a DB Reisezentrum (DB Travel
Centre) or on the phone. If you book online at or with the DB
Navigator app, the Delay Alarm is activated automatically. Super convenient! So, in the event of an incident caused by, let’s say ů a little kitten, you will automatically receive an e-mail or push notification. Here’s an example: Your best friend is getting married, but the train is delayed by 15 minutes due to construction work. Luckily, the Delay Alarm informs you of the delay and that the train will depart from Platform 2 today. By the way, you can set the Delay Alarm even if you have not purchased a ticket. And you can do this for up to ten connections. You can even set a regular alarm. So, now that’s settled too. Thanks for watching. Have a great journey and see you soon.

3 thoughts on “Bahn verstehen – aktuell informiert mit dem Verspätungs-Alarm

  1. Wäre es nicht sinnvoller wenn der Alarm nur dann losgeht wenn ein Zug ausnahmsweise mal pünktlich kommt ?

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