B-Cam SRU : Body Worn Security Surveillance Camera System

B-Cam SRU is the only body worn
camera unit that combines all the advanced features needed for military, security, police and rescue applications.
B-Cam SRU provides an accurate record with dance
for incident review debriefings training and interviews. Used
in police government and security applications,B-Cam SRU can reduce violent crime, protect officers, improves surveillance and reduce
incidence of false accusations or misconduct The B-Cam SRU was
designed by professionals for use in the field and as the state-of-the-art in body-worn
security camera systems. The compact unit combines full motion video
and high-gain voice recording to precisely because the actions of the
wearer and anyone nearby Suspect, says “I have done nothing! I don´t care,just go away”
Officer, ” just calm down okay” It is waterproof, with rugged construction made from high
impact materials designed to survive adverse situations
in the field. Real-time high-definition video combined with an infrared Low-light feature provides quality
imagery even in darkness. The B-Cam SRU includes tamper-proof software to
prevent alteration of or unauthorized access to media and better which is essential
to avoid compromising evidence that may later be required in
court. After extensive market research B-Cam SRU has the best combination of tried and tested performance for
affordable value available for sales enquiries please email [email protected] for more information visit www . B – Cam . net

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