Assetto Corsa (Early Access 0.3) How to unlock Onboard [email protected]

Hi at all! My name is Nacho. I will explain how to unlock the onboard camera in Assetto Corsa. I have seen many people asking about the
forums that don’t know how. It’s very simple, now it see. Go to the “Steam” folder You will have it in another directory. Ok, now go to “steamapps” folder. “Common” “assettocorsa” “System” “cfg” Here we can see many files. This time we will edit “Camera_onboard_free” We opened it, and we will see several options. We are interested in is the last. “SPHERICAL_COORDS” Default is 1 Setting it to 0 When you press the F5 in the game, you can move freely on the track or in the car. Now save the file. and go to Assetto Corsa I’ll show you how to move the camera. Okey look! Press “F5” You can see that it’s different now. You keep ALT pressed to move the camera. And then “A”, “W”, “S”, “D” And you can place wherever you want the camera. Now press “PLAY” And as you can see, the camera is fixed. This is all Hope you help! See you in the next video, greetings!

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  1. Because i can't understand your language i don't know what i need to press to enter the free camera mode. I've done everything you showed but what i need to do when in replay mode?

  2. hey, can you help me because i can't go into the car, i can turn around the car, when i press ALT i just can turn around the car with the mouse… that's all can i do ! 😉

  3. How do you save the custom camera once in a fixed position so that when you next load the game the custom camera position is still the same as when you last left it?

  4. Amigo una pregunta, yo bajé el Asseto Corsa pesa 3.39GB pero no salen muchas marcas de carros y en algunos videos veo que a otros le salen muchas marcas distintas para escoger, tengo que bajarlos por aparte o se desbloquean a medida que vaya progesando?

  5. Hey mate, thanks for the video. I have had succes with moving the camera to inside the car, unfortunately the interior is blurry and when I use focus in photo mode I can get the driver in focus but then the outside surroundings become blurry. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Cheers, AussieStig

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