sksksksk – I like turtles.
– Cheers. That face.
– Spongebob. – Aw, they should hug.
– Yep. – Hug. – Hi, guys, hello, hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? It’s the face, okay? Just a quick disclaimer before we start, this is not a real Birkenstock, okay? This is fake, and not a real
camera, completely fake, not a real scrunchie or
straws or hydroflask. These are all made with
100% real ingredients, tell them, it’s real ingredients. – Yeah, real ingredients. – And that they shouldn’t
eat these things. – You shouldn’t eat these things. – Be smart, okay? Listen to your mom, that’s it. – What about your dad? – Okay, and your dad,
but definitely your mom. Today, I have a special guest. – I know, I’m very special to you. – Yeah, okay, DRHOBS. – What’s good, you guys, your favorite doctor on the Internet. – Go to his page right
now, subscribe to him, and watch our latest, I
think three or four videos. – Yep.
– We eat all pink foods and all orange foods.
– Yeah, that was a banger. – So go check that out, and yeah, you’ll get to see what I eat
other than this sort of thing. – And you’ll get to
hear the real HunniBee, how rude she is to me. – Oh no, I’m actually really nice, okay? All right guys, so let’s just
jump right into this video. What should we start with?
– I want to eat this. That’s it.
– Oh, yes, okay, let’s eat these. – I think my tooth fell out. That’s actually so bomb. – That’s fire. – Should be do the other ones? – Um, which one?
– This one. – Yeah, there we go. – Oh my god, oh my god. – Oh my gosh. Okay, now I kind of want
to do, oh, these straws. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. Wait, before we do that, I have to teach you the – The what?
– It’s like, “Ha ha ha,” but sksksksk – It’s like you’re laughing in ASMR. – No, VSCO girl laugh. sksksksk Yeah, that’s actually lit. And I oop and I oop – All right, guys, so we’re
gonna eat the straws right now. – Yes, okay, we have to save
the turtles, save the turtles. – Yeah, save the turtles,
okay, they can’t see this. – Oh, yeah.
– Save the turtles. – Save the turtles, these are our pins. – Yeah, the what?
– Our pins. – Yeah, the pins
– The pins. – I like turtles.
– I like turtles, too. – That’s a, that’s a meme. – Okay, this is mine. It’s actually so pretty. Oh, they should hug. – Yep, mine is breaking–
– Turtle hug. – Broken.
– Oh my gosh, no! One, two–
– three. – Every time. Okay, that was actually really good. – That was good. – I want to do the turtle thing. – Yeah, the yeah, yeah. That flaps.
– Save the turtles. – Yep.
– Save the turtles. – I like turtles. – Okay.
– Wait, cheers. – Cheers. Now we’re gonna eat the–
– Turtles. – No! – This is really good.
– It’s actually so good. – Save the turtles. This one flaps. I actually love those,
they’re really good. – Okay, should we do this one next? – Yeah, you do this, I can’t eat that, so. – Why?
– I have sugar allergies. – You’ve literally been
eating sugar this whole time, you literally are full of it. Okay, you ready?
– Yep. – Hey, here.
– No, no, no, no. – This is so good.
– Is it, yeah. – One more. – So, how was your day today? All right, now what? Oh, no, no, no, no, I
can’t, I literally can’t. It’s, what it’s made of, it
doesn’t really adapt to my body, you know, so. – Okay. – That actually looks really good. – Then have some.
– It looks really good. – Okay, wanna do this one? – Yeah, I’m down, yeah. – This hydroflask. Okay guys, look at this. – This is wavy, whoa. That’s sick.
– Look, there’s like a jeep. – Oh my god.
– “Just peachy.” “Coffee.” This says “easy-peasy lemon squeezy.” Oh my god, this is hard to do. You guys know that face.
– Spongebob. – We have, “sigh,” some
sunglasses, “Stay rad,” yeah. “Sleep,” and then this guy, too. – The booty.
– The booty, yep. Do you want to bite the bottle? – Yeah, the bottle. – I do the cap. Okay, at the same time. – How?
– Just, okay. – Okay.
– I’m gonna bite this. Okay.
– Yep. – Over here. Here. – Look at my hand. Oh my god. What’s inside of this? Look at the difference
between your bite and my bite. – Okay, I’m gonna do
another thing of the cap. – This is sick. – All right, so we have, but I know my mouth is very black. We have these ropes. – Oh my god. – We have these inside there that I hid. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, you ready?
– Yep. – Cheers. – That was really good. – Oh my gosh, that was
pretty crazy, I thought. – That was so good. – I have stuff, oh my gosh, really? Okay, so now– – Camera time.
– Should we do the camera? – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh, there’s a bunch of nerds all over it. – I know. – Guys, our hands are insane. – Camera flaps. – Should I take it? – That’s sick.
– Looks really sick. So, this is rice crispy and chocolate. The base is chocolate. Should we take a picture?
– Yep. – We’ll take a picture of you guys. Wait, where’s the, oh, here, okay. – Okay.
– Now of us. – Oh, of us, yeah. – One, two, three. – That flaps. – Literally love it. Look at how cute.
– Yeah, that’s sick. Now take a bite, a big, big, bite. – Should I.
– You should. – Okay, ready?
– Yep. – Can I take a bite? – Okay.
– This is delicious. This is actually wavy. You know, if I’m chilling at a barbecue, I would eat this thing
100%, this is so good. – I’m gonna take another
of this front here. – It’s made of Swiss chocolate. Here we go. – Oh my gosh.
– The chocolate’s so good. – I love it. Okay, I think now let’s
do this Birkenstock. – These sandals, pretty wavy. – It, guys, I make all this stuff myself, so a lot of you asked
me, where do I get it? I make this, he knows,
he sees me making it, I made the scrunchies, I made everything. – Takes forever to do it, but yeah. – Yeah, he has pretty
good patience, I guess. And I have stuff all over my face. All right, but let’s try this Birkenstock. Oh, there’s nerds on it, oh my god. – That’s crazy, that looks
literally like your sandals. – Made by yours truly.
– Yep. You’re literally wearing
the same sandals right now. – Oh my god, like, so
cool, it’s like mine. – I’ll take a bite.
– Yeah, okay. Okay, I’m gonna do this one. Okay, I’m gonna do another one. – These sandals might be the
tastiest sandals I’ve ever had. Did your mom ever slapped
you with a sandal? Because mine did, no, I’m kidding. Okay. – This one flaps. I’m telling you, the best
sandal I’ve had in my life. Some parched up sandals. – All right guys, I think that is it, I need to clean up. – Yeah, look at my hands. – No, no, look at mine. – Oh yeah. – You have stuff on your nose. You have stuff on your nose. – Oh my god, oh my god my nose! I did not notice that, oh my god. Okay.
– Oh my god. Okay, well, let’s see. Yeah, it’s fine. All right guys, we really,
really, really hope that you enjoyed this. This is crazy. My mouth is black, I literally, wow. – Some flaps. – I need to wash my face, brush my teeth, probably about 500 times, so
we love you guys so, so much, make sure you go check out his channel, he has a lot of funny stuff on there, and a lot of silly pranks on me. – That’s my favorite. Also, I want you guys
to comment down below if I should take HunniBee on a date. – Sure, comment down below
if you think he should take me on a date, okay. Anyways, I love you guys so, so much, and we’ll see you very, very, very soon. – Peace.
– Bye.


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