ASMR | Touching & Tapping The Camera Lens

Hello everybody! It’s Gibi! I am a little bit… in your personal space, I’m sorry! but as you can tell by the title, today I’m going to be cap… capping on the tamera lens….. tapping on the camera lens I really like this trigger a lot! umm however… I doubt this video will be very long because it’s… it’s not something that one does for like an hour or something, but I hope you enjoy, nonetheless and..uh.. is it ok if I touch your face? I’ve got my little tapping.. tools on a.k.a. these nails that don’t look that real so don’t think of them as nails, just think of them as… tapping tools just going to… and tap around as well the camera is very, um textured, actually at the top here there’s some buttons the sides the focus rings and of course, the lens I’m actually going to go ahead and turn auto-focus off so I’ll be back in a moment there we go the auto-focus can get a little bit.. confused if I’m this close it’s even got two little side… attachments kinda make a nice noise I like the long… tapping tools this one’s a little crooked if I go downwards, onto the tripod, that makes a good sound too I can double.. this part’s metal more of a smooth plastic and then the body of the camera this is where the HDMI cord can be plugged in so there’s a cover the SD card my SD card is.. extremely large I think I’ve filmed quite a few videos on it without formatting it definitely recommend that’s the worst isn’t it? when you’re in the middle of filming something, and the SD card is full or the battery of your camera runs out I have um, AC power attached to my camera now this little cord here so it never, ever runs out of battery and the SD card, like I said, is like 200 some gigabytes which is pretty wild hello in there, hello, hello let’s see I better remember to clean.. my lens after this get ready for the metal sound well.. thank you for letting me tap on your eyeballs today oh yeah! we should do it again sometime there we go well, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next… video goodnight!

100 thoughts on “ASMR | Touching & Tapping The Camera Lens


  2. This was nice and all but I nearly died at 3:47 because I have this weird reaction to nails being tapped together that makes me cringe really hard, it’s like the nail on a chalkboard for me

  3. Timestamps:
    0:00–1:10 intro
    1:10–11:56 invading personal space

    Guys i would really appreciate a like cause I work really hard on this🙃

  4. I want to see you do an ASMR PPOMO style video with the previews and such. I feel like you would do a very good job at it

  5. Aw man its a short asmr vid, I prefer longer vids! like 30-40 min hits the spot perfectly, but I understand because longer vids take much more time to edit!

  6. Me: ** gets up close to a camera ** ACNE, GREASE, UNIBROW, EW

    Gibi: ** gets up close to a camera ** JUST AS FLAWLESS AS USUAL

  7. imagine you only need to tap on your camera and post the video online and get thousands of dollars for doing it she's so freakin lucky.

  8. the one thing i dislike abt this vid is that she didnt use the camera mic cause i love the sound along with the visual trigger


  10. I’m scared I legitimately can not fall asleep without asmr anymore, how do I wean myself off, I tried to quit cold turkey and it didn’t work.

  11. The warm red color is so perfect. And you are so beautiful omg 😍😍 and the blue shirt is cute. All in all it’s a 10/10 asmr video 🥰❤️✨zzzz

  12. Lately I can't watch your Asmr videos withought getting sexually excited and ending up on pornhub instead of sleeping.

  13. Ah, so it was the autofocus making that buzzing sound that I was hearing. For a moment I was like, "Stop tapping on the camera, you're making it angry!"

  14. OMG you are so amazingly beautiful and have very beautiful eyes. 😜 You can be in my personal space anytime you wish to. 😜

  15. I think my brain has permanently asoeated you're face with sleeping because I saw the video caption and became sleepy 😂

  16. The moment Gibi taps and talks near the camera lens, it already gave me tingles. This is by far my favorite aside from the Zodiac Signs.

  17. I am a videographer for my school and is one of my pet peeves. Hope the lens is cheap, if you are using a dslr. If not have fun cleaning your lens by hand. Not hate love your other videos, just letting you know.

  18. Tapping is an awesome trigger not a fan of tapping on the lense with nails maybe fingertip tapping would be more relaxing

  19. I would rather die in a fire than hear a fucking commercial. Congratulations capitalism you even managed to ruin relaxation.

  20. Don't really experience the situations asmr produces in some people, slo some of these videos can be a bit of an odd experience been even then it always calms me down perfectly. Calm, gentle, sweet and intimate… I love these weird experiences

  21. The whole reason I got into asmr was because I got communist asmr sent to me as a joke and the dude tapping on the gun made me go

    “Well frick I like that tapping noise”

    And now here I am, a camera, being tapped.

  22. You could just stand there doing nothing but a close up looking into the camera and everyone would get tingles from that.

  23. Hi from New Zealand Gibi! I'm a big fan I watch every single one of your videos 🙂 You mentioned in one (or two or three haha) of your videos you like anime, so I thought I would tell you to watch Ghost in the Shell and Death note. Both of them are really good but I especially LOVED Death note. Also another really good on is Hellsing, but fair warning its pretty violent. Finally is a really obscure one called Elfen Lied. Its quite strange and (again) violent, but the story is crazy but really quite good. I'll stop now but definitely at least look into them and see if you'd be interested. I really enjoy your content, you're my fave ASMRtist on youtube, please never stop 🙂

  24. Thank you for this video I had no idea that I would love camera tapping I thought I had lost my tingles till this video thank you Gibi

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