An introduction to Academic Computing at OCAD University

[music] [Andrew McAllister] I’m Andrew McAllister, I’m the Manager of Academic Computing at OCAD University, and it’s my job on campus to enable student creativity
with technology, so whether that’s a laptop or a desktop, or using any of our online web
services like Canvas or blogging, I really want to make sure that students get the most
out of technology and being creative with it on campus during their four year stay here. I have a background in art and design, as do many of the staff who work in IT, many
of them have a background in art and design, and they feel very privileged to be able to
work in an institution where they’re working in an environment and helping students for
something that they love. So normally students can get help through
our on campus Help Desk, and they can do so in person, they can do so over the telephone,
they can do online via email and we have a system that tracks any of those requests.
However, there are some instances when students are really upset and they really want to be
able to talk to somebody or their answer isn’t, or their question is a little bit more complicated
and I’m out there on social media and so I have a Twitter account, and I’m also accessible
over email and I encourage students to get in contact with me directly. Sometimes I refer
them to the Help Desk and then sometimes I maybe query a little bit more so I better
understand what their needs are and that’s really important to me because I want to know
that I’m meeting the needs of all the students who are at OCAD U. [Les Seaforth] A couple things that would be great for students to do that are in the laptop program is one,
back up your data. And two, come to the Help Desk. You have questions, or you’re unsure
of something, something’s gone really wrong with your computer, you know, Googling something
is one thing but students can get support from us very easily. Come to the Help Desk,
we’re more than, you know, happy to give you guys a hand with whatever needs to happen
to your computer. So a couple things students might now be aware
of as being part of the laptop program is they can get access to anywhere,
off campus, on campus, just, you know, access to the internet gets you access to So
they have all kinds of tutorials there, if you’re not sure how to use something in a
specific piece of software, you can access, students can access that, and get help.
As well, they might not be aware but we have software available to students every single
school year, so September of every school year, students, come to the Help Desk, get
software. I know that some sometimes they just think that they only need to get their computer
imaged, or, get software added to their computer once, and that’s it, but no, the companies
are making new stuff all the time, we have the new stuff, come and get it. [music]

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