Amanda DYP

Hi everyone! Today I’m here with Amanda
and she’s going to tell us what she does for Goodwill. Hi Amanda! Hello, I’m Amanda Grant I am a ADT Case Manager here at Goodwill. Awesome, so what does being an ADT Case Manager entail? As a Case Manager for Goodwill I help to create
and monitor the progress of personal development plans. We we make those plans with our program participants. Awesome and you said before this you were a tech
what is that entail? Being a tech, that is providing the classes for our ADT
program. We do cooking classes, social skills, anger management, we go on
outings, we teach them pre-vocational skills to hopefully eventually get a job. Awesome, so what exactly is ADT? ADT is our Adult Day Training program, we do the pre-voc skills, our cooking classes, we teach the basic daily living skills because we
work with program participants who have developmental and intellectual
disabilities. Wow, awesome. So, what some of your favorite things to teach the ADT
participants and what are some of the things they like to learn the most? I
really enjoy teaching cooking classes because I really enjoy cooking myself.
A lot of them really enjoy that, but most of them really really enjoy arts
and crafts, that’s a big winner around here. Definitely a chance
to unleash creativity. Yes, so what is your favorite part about your job and
have you learned anything over time from the participants who come here? My
favorite part of my job would have to be watching them grow and develop basically more independent living skills. What I have learned about these guys is
they are just like us, they want to be loved and they want to interact with other people. Awesome, that is so nice. Well,
thank you so much for speaking with us today Amanda, we learned so much about
what you do. And we want to thank you for all you do and we can’t wait to see more
amazing things coming out of this program and the participants. Thank you
so much! Bye!

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