hey! in my last few days in america we went to busch gardens which was really good i went on shakira (cynical voice) i went on shakira no, i went on sheikra rollercoaster ride and it was REALLY good though when we were going up i was like “oh my god, i’m gonna die, i’m gonna die” i remember they’re just like ha ha ha ha but then when we got to the top i heard him go (high pitched voice)
i don’t wanna die oh and also my brother’s girlfriend ella she was all strapped in and ready to go and then she’s like “GET ME OFF OH MY GOD GET ME OFF GET ME OFF” so the guide had to lift up the highnesses for everyone on the rollercoaster and she had to do the ‘walk of shame’ past everyone, but i don’t blame her it was kind of scary aaaand also i went to the mall and i got recognised by a girl named rhiannon hi rhiannon it was kind of surreal cause i was just walking along a little really bad cause i had no sleep and then i just heard (high pitched voice)
“amazingphil oh my god it’s phil oh my god” so i turn around and there’s this girl just jupming up and down in front of me and she gave me a big hug, i was like “why am i hugging this girl?” and then if kind of clicked in my brain and then she saw my parents so she’s like (high pitched voice)
“oh my god you’re a lobster, you’re a lobster” she doesn’t have a voice like this but that’s the best girl voice i can do aaand my mum was like (chuckles) and they were just doing this at eachother for ages cause obviously she must have been park row stations or (?) don’t you dare fall off it’s been going too well (noise of a raptor or smth) (again) but, yeah that was good i had to come straight back to university though which has been annoying because i haven’t had time to adjust the jet lag some of it like AAGH and then at 8:45 this morning i had a knock on the door it wasn’t even a nice knock it was like a JEU JEU JEU JEU could have been like (soft ‘ala la’) but it was like JJJU lost my lion but, yeah it was horrible aand this man was like (mocking voice)
“we’re going to be having (mocking voice)
a fire alarm in 5 minutes” it was ju- and i just said WHYYYY i didn’t even manage to get out of bed and then i fell asleep in between the 5 minutes i’m meant to prepare for the fire alarm and i just heard (high pitched voice) MAH MAH MAH i was like “oh god” so i was in my boxers so i quickly put my dressing gown on and some flip flops looking kind of ridiculous and i thought i could hide under the bed but i didn’t wanna die in the.. invisible.. pretend fire so i went outside and i looked around and EVERYBODY was dressed (shocked in silence) every single person was wearing their normal days clothes (confused voice)
who gets up at.. (confused voice)
this time in the morning in the holidays? and then i realised i forgot my key card so i had to go to the porters lodge in my pyjamas and see the guy and be like “can i have a new key card” and he was like (deep hoarse voice)
you are a security risk young man didn’t even laugh at the fact that i was in my pyjamas what a happy man i’m- i mean if you’re gonna work with people why can’t you be happy? if you don’t wanna work with people work as a woods.. man whoever sent me this st patrick day lion mug thank you so much it’s one of those mugs that’s really good to drink out of so i’m just like (muffled mm) (choking) augh i can’t believe i did that ju- (chuckles) just drank really cold coffee okay that doesn’t taste good out of it, but normal- (disgusted) normal coffee does taste.. nice so thanks my mum mixed up everything everyone sent me so.. she “tidied it” uh and i don’t know who sent me what, so let me know if you sent me this and anything else, not say THANKS (high pitched oo) (high pitched roo) so yeah, i’m gonna go now hope you’re all enjoying the nice english weather it’s been so nice to be able to leave the house in just a tshirt instead of 8 coats 9.. jumpers and a whatever this was gonna be erm (chuckles) yeah, okay (inhales) buy guys

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  1. He got a 5-minute warning?! At my college, we would only find out which week it would be and hope it wouldn't be at 6:30 in the morning (which it usually was)

  2. I love how he always takes his time to make weird noises in his videos. Just makes you realize you're not alone in ur weirdness.😊

  3. I didn't think he'd notice the lion but tHEN HE ADDRESSED IT IMMEDIATELY AND I thought he was reading my mind

  4. I didn't think he'd notice the lion but tHEN HE ADDRESSED IT IMMEDIATELY AND I thought he was reading my mind

  5. Omg I'm really tired and I was kinda zoned out but then he said "hey rhiannon" (which is my name) and I was like "wait! What! How! Errrr!"

  6. It's so nice of you to still hug the girl even if you forgot for a second why and I love how supportive your parents are of you

  7. At first I was like, why doesn't he do one of these little update-anecdote vlogs anymore? But then I realized he literally stays at home all day, everyday and he's already telling us what has been happening in his weekly younow, so there probably won't be much to talk about in a video.

  8. 0:36 Little did Phil know, 7 years later he would have thousands of people screaming his name in sold out venues, performing what he loves with his best friend

  9. i wish that there were more channels like this now tbh u know ones where they just have short blogs on a crappy camera with like 40k subs but they're really good vlogs too? i'm kinda rambling woops


  11. Does anyone else scroll all the way back to the comments of 8 years ago? It's amazing to read all those

  12. Here's a challenge for anyone currently on a Phil binge. Watch every video, and see the gradual change in happiness when Phil finally meets Dan. It's so cute!

  13. My heart just stopped when he said Hi Rhiannon. My names Rhiannon and now I know that somewhere out there, another Rhiannon has met Phil.

  14. When this video started I got a notification from my colouring app that said ‘ do not forget to water your house plants’ with a few emojis when I clicked on it there was nothing to do with houseplants I just took me to the home screen now I’m scared they are watching me!!!!

  15. Really? They refer to the event that I call "fire drills" as "fire alarms"? That's odd since where I'm from, the definition of "fire alarm" as an event, to me, means that the fire alarm system was either intentionally activated or was tripped by smoke or heat sensor.

    What's even more odd that they (apparently) call them "fire drills" over in Northern Ireland (search for "belfast met fire alarm" here on YouTube).

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