A terrifying case of mistaken identity? 😳 | The Capture – BBC Trailers

Armed police, don’t move! Stay where you are! Grandad!
Down on your knees! Whoa, whoa, whoa, OK, OK!
I’m down, I’m down, I’m down. Grandad! Shut up! Don’t move! Old man! Stay where you are!
Stay where you are, Mr Emery! Shaun Emery? I’m Detective Sergeant Flynn,
this is Detective Inspector Carey. And? Where were you tonight? I was out. Where? At your sister’s house. Mr Emery, stay where you are,
please. I need some help here, Patrick! Grandad?!
MR EMERY SHOUTS If could just calm down, Mr Emery… Grandad, calm down! Your grandad’s OK.
Property’s clear, ma’am. Where is she? Who? Take me to the car. Secure the vehicle. OFFICER: Clear. Are you going to tell me
what this is about? Tell forensics to compound the car. Why? Where’s the girl
you were with earlier? Girl? I was with my barrister. Shaun Emery, I’m arresting
you on suspicion of assault, kidnapping in the third…
What?! You do not have to say anything…
What the fuck are you
talking about?! ..do not mention when questioned… OFFICER: Taser! Taser! Taser! Agh! Stay down! Agh…

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