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Peepholes – the tiny little lens on our front
doors that let us know if the person knocking is a pesky salesperson…or a pesky relative,
or a pesky…you get the idea. You might think it is hard to improve on this
simple but effective idea – but our device today does exactly that. This….. Is the
peephole for the 21st century Let’s check it out. Today we’re reviewing the Peephole IR camera,
this product is provided to us by BangGood. Bang Good is *the* place for gadgets, gizmos,and
even clothing and accessories at bargain basement prices. So check it out at bang good.com that’s
b a n g g o o d dot com these peepholes have a camera and display
which not just allows easy access to see who’s outside even for kids and anyone unable to
reach up to a normal peephole. Since these are cameras,They also let you take photos
of whomever is outside. This is how the box looks out of the packaging,
it consists of two parts, the camera and the screen. An illustration of the same is on
the back of the box. Let’s get the device out of the box. The device is packaged well, with a thick
foam protecting the device from bumps during transit. On the topmost we have an instruction manual,
and lifting off a thin foam we get to the main device. This is the peephole camera side of the set,
it’s made of zinc alloy making it quite durable from external damage. The image sensor
is 1 megapixel which might not sound impressive when compared to your phone camera but is
actually decent enough for this purpose. It also has a angle of view of 120 degrees which
means you also get to see the area near the front door. Here’s the screen, which has a 3 inch display
, with a resolution of 640*480 which is good for this size display. Also provided is a metal bracket which is
used to secure the camera from the other side of the door. This ensures that someone can’t
steal the camera from outside. The bracket can be mounted by using the 3m
tape behind and also the screws provided in various lengths . The screw you select is
dependant on how thick your door is, which are between 32-120 mm. The monitor has an 1200 mah battery built
in, which is easily charged via micro usb. This is supposed to last you for about 3 months. The monitor has buttons on the side to cycle
between the pictures captured using the camera. On the back is the camera connector and the
place where you would slide in the mounting bracket. This allows for easy installation
and removal of the camera once mounted for recharging it. The camera has a bell button which would activate
the screen when pushed. The tube area is what passes through the hole in the door, which
allows the camera cable to easily pass through. This is how the connector looks on the camera
end which snaps into the port on the monitor. When we press the button from the inside or
the bell button on the outside, a live video of the outside is displayed on the monitor
and a snap is saved in the internal memory. Right now it says camera connection failed
as i dont have the camera connected as yet. Lets connect them together and check out the
device. One push on the button on the camera and we
see a live video on the monitor. That was quite fast. We also hear an audible chime
on the monitor to get our attention. The image is relatively clear, and updates fast enough
on the monitor. When the button on the monitor is pressed, we get no chime but the camera
activates displaying the outside on the monitor. The camera also supports Night vision, with
two IR 940nm LED’s. The night vision mode is clear enough, but i feel the person needs
to be close to the camera to be well lit for it to capture a good image. I highly recommend
using a motion sensor light in combination with this. (card) The buttons on the right of the monitor allow
for us to be able to view the pictures stored on the internal memory. The button R is to
clear the memory, or in other words reset the device memory. The screws provided are used to mount the
camera on the door, we need to select the screw which fits the depth of the door. I won’t be drilling holes into my main door,
but to illustrate how it works , i will mount this to this piece of wood, which is approximately
the same depth. So first i need to drill a hole for the camera
tube to go through, which took me quite a while. Glad i was not doing this on the main
door, my wife would have killed me. There, at last got it through. So this is how it looks, with the camera cable
coming out the other side. Now the mounting bracket is screwed in with the appropriate
length screw. And then the monitor monitor slid in and the camera cable connected. The image on the monitor is not very visible
due to the bright light, but the monitor having it’s own battery, this can be installed
anywhere. This is good for flats where we sometimes
don’t have a window looking out and we need a peephole to check who’s outside before
we open the door. Also hotels can use this, where guests can check who’s outside the
room. With its wide field of view and the ability
to use it in the dark too, this self powered peephole camera can be installed anywhere
we need to monitor the outside. Pro’s:
720p image quality using 1mp sensor, with night vision
Internal battery 1200 mAh with 180 day standby, no need to change batteries like in other
models 120 degree field of view
Internal memory, can store upto 75 pictures, when memory is full it deletes oldest photo Cons:
Can’t seem to be able to copy the pictures off the device
If the device was wireless and accessible from a phone, would have been better value,
but those are way more expensive Sometimes there’s a lag after the button
on the bell is pressed, but it’s just a second, as when not in use the monitor goes
to sleep mode. So if you need a peephole which would be accessible
by kids or elderly and one which also works in the dark, this device is what you need. So that’s it from me, thank you for watching
and see you all next time.

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