6 Reasons to Keep Your Landline Phone | Bay Alarm Medical

[Phone ringing]
They won’t drop your calls and you don’t have to worry about deadzones in your house. “If
I leave here, I can probably get to you by 6 o’clock. Will that be okay? Hello? Can you
hear me? 6 o’clock. I can be there by 6. Ugh!” A landline is tied to your address, which
allows emergency dispatch to send help your way. “Hi I have an emergency. I think somebody
is breaking into my house. Do you need my address? Oh you already have my address because
I’m calling from a landline. Perfect, thank you so much.” If you have a corded phone that
plugs into a wall jack, you’ll be able to use your landline during a power outage. A
cell phone will only work as long as the battery is charged. “Let’s all get together for dinner!
Hello? I think my power just went out! Is yours out? It is? Oh, but you have a landline
and that’s why we’re able to keep talking.” “Hey, are you still at the store? Can you
pick me up some tomatoes? No, tomatoes, not potatoes. Tomatoes! Can you hear me?” “Hi
I was looking into getting one of your alarm systems, but I don’t have a landline. I only
have a cell phone. Is that a problem? I guess I’ll look into getting a landline and give
you a call back.” “That’s a cool phone!” “Oh my gosh, that is the cutest phone ever! Vintage
is so in right now!” “This is cool – what’s this?” “This is a landline. Everyone should
have one.”

14 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Keep Your Landline Phone | Bay Alarm Medical

  1. No one mentioned that being constantly connected via smartphone may increase the risk of brain tumors. Putting them down one in a while will give some downtime to cool off from them other than sleep and bath.

    Besides, using a dial can improve your hand eye ordination.

  2. During the 2003 NorthEast blackout, only my old fashioned landline phone from Verizon was still working here in NYC, whereas everything – including cell phones, were all out !!

  3. No thanks. You need a stupid contract with Verizon or Comcast. My phone works great. 😉 my cell. Plus you can ignore scammers better with a cell.

  4. We watched this at school because we’re doing landlines are more beneficial than cellphones I’m in 4th grade this sooo easy I’m so lucky☺️

  5. Who is the dumb ass who made this video? You can make emergency phone calls on all landlines and even cell phones wether you have service or not, It is federal law. No need to sign up.

  6. For more details on landline telephones subscribe linestelecom channel

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