6 IN-CAMERA Video Transitions in 3 Minutes

What’s going on guys today I want to talk about six in camera transitions that are gonna give your videos that mm to take them to the next level number one the up and down or side to side all you have to do for this is move your camera at the end and beginning of a clip and then cut on the motion blur so for example shoot your shot and then move your camera to the right then in the next shot start by moving your camera from the left and then get your shot and just cut them smack-dab in the middle and they’ll look perfect I’m gonna use some of my Instagram videos and other shots to show you examples of these transitions number two the rotation for this shot it looks absolutely fantastic but it’s a little tricky to do at the end of your first shot you want to rotate your camera 180 degrees at the start of your second shot you want to rotate 180 degrees and then get your shot from there you’re gonna cut right on the motion blur and you’re gonna have a perfect circular flip in your footage number three the cover for this all you have to do is find something to cover your lens at the end of the first shot and then release that cover at the start of the second shot and it’ll look like you’re moving from place to place or smoothly transitioning behind something number four the shake this is a fun little trick and it’s pretty easy to do at the end of your first shot shake the camera and then at the start of your second shot match that shake this is a great way to add something into the shot move location change clothes do anything like that and it’s really easy to accomplish now the shake number five the spin this is an awesome and very easy trick and it’s a great way to teleport or change clothes it’s another technique for all of those for this turn the camera towards yourself and just spin in a circle then move to a new location or change your clothes or do whatever you want to change and spin again and then just cut on the motion blur and it’ll look awesome you guys ever have to get ready for an outing very quickly well let me show you how and finally we’ve got sort of a different technique for this one you’re gonna basically be recording the transition and then tossing it over to clips in your edit for this just shake your camera and get a motion blurry shot and then you can just toss it over and edit in Premiere or Final Cut or whatever you use and you’ll have an awesome looking transition there so right here I’m going to cut and then we’ll cut in here and cover that cut or cruising so guys thanks for checking these out I hope they work for your videos like subscribe and we’ll check you back in the next one Thanks guess you

100 thoughts on “6 IN-CAMERA Video Transitions in 3 Minutes

  1. Found your videos on reddit. I like what you're doing here. Great idea showing clips of you doing the camera movements.

  2. Very useful video! Where do you get your transition sounds? Make a video on that next! Or just share us a link to your sounds

  3. Great ideas and really nicely explained. Content online would be so much more interesting to watch in general if people spent at least a moment considering their craft in the way you do!

  4. Thanks for some great advice that isn't wordy and is just to the point – quite difficult finding down to earth advice that just says things how they are!

  5. learning a shizzzzzz ton from your channel – love it! queeeestion… any recs for cameras (used by an absolute novice ha) at a relatively sane price?

  6. OMG, I love how straight to the point you are and the examples were easy to follow and perfectly demonstrated. Well done! You earned a new subscriber.

  7. Great ideas! They look awesome. I’m excited to try some of these out this weekend when I’ll be filming my second YouTube video. 🙂

  8. Can you give some tips of shooting angles with mobile camera for travel videos😉🇨🇰 I just love your simple but effective tips

  9. Im trying to do the rotation on my iPhone.. it doesn’t work unless I use iMovie to rotate the clip. Any suggestions?

  10. 0:16 – The side to side (and up and down)
    0:49 – The rotation
    1:16 – The cover
    1:34 – The shake
    1:55 – The spin
    2:25 – The blurry shot

  11. First you look soo good. 😍 the rest amazing tips! Thanks. I'm gonna let my friend watch this so they know how to take a vid of me when I ask them to. 😊

  12. yo kellen thanks for explaining it in a simpler way. BTW whats that sound effect called on 0.45?where can i get it?

  13. One of the best videos I have seen for transitions.
    Detailed information in 3 minutes about every transition.
    Thank you so much man.

  14. Thanks a lot. Very succinct, effective and innovative. Thanks for teaching something new to me today, Guru!.

  15. Fantastic. I am going on a holiday in a couple of months and watching videos like this to get ideas to give the video a more interesting look I think these will work amazingly as it’s a cruise and will be visiting different places!! can’t wait to try some of these out!

  16. Ive been looking for some great transitions and wow Im impressed with this tutorial. Thanks for this another cool ideas Sir.

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