5 Most Convincing UFO Sightings Caught on Camera #1

In this video, we take a look at five of the
most convincing UFO sightings caught on camera. While there are many ridiculous and clearly
fake videos out there, a number are very compelling and mysterious. Some of the videos on this list were shot
by members of the public, while others come from official government sources – but they
all show pretty convincing images. Watch on and decide for yourself. 1 ) Chilean Airspace In this nine-minute video released to the public by the Chilean Navy, there is a clear
flying object apparent in the sky. In the footage, which was captured by two
pilots in their helicopter in November 2014, the strangely-shaped object floats across
the sky, drifting for the majority of the video. Later in the video, the object appears to
emit huge quantities of a strange substance over the sky, making a long black streak of
mysterious and unidentified material. Some official air force representatives have
claimed to believe that this substance may have been both hot and metallic. Although the details are unclear, the craft
is undoubtedly dumping large quantities of something over the sky, which is pretty troubling
and strange in itself. The footage, which has been studied for two
years by a Chilean panel of experts, technicians and academics, was assumedly considered important
and significant enough to be released to the general public. The air force have confirmed that they believe
the 3D object to be controlled by intelligent design, since it moved of its own accord in
a repetitive path, and was not affected by the wind. The panel in charge of investigating the craft
have been unable to liken the mysterious object to anything else, and are thoroughly unable
to say what it is. General Ricardo Bermudez, of the air force,
eerily stated ‘we do not know what it was, but we do know what it was not’. The structure of the craft is described as
being flat and elongated, with two round thermal spotlights at either end. Creepily, this description matches with that
of many other alleged UFO sightings from around the world. When the craft was first reported by the helicopter
pilots, radars were unable to pick it up, and air traffic controllers confirmed that
there should have been no other craft in the air. 2) Jerusalem, Israel In various pieces of footage shot by several different people in 2011 over Jerusalem, a
white light seems to hover in the sky, before descending. It then appears to hover for a while, before
there is a large flash, and the UFO moves very swiftly up into the sky. This fast movement is the most bizarre thing
about the videos. Although some claim it to be false, if the
footage is real, the craft moves way faster than is thought to be possible according to
the laws of physics. So assuming that the footage is real, it is
almost impossible that this craft can be manmade. Some people have speculated that the footage
may show a military drone, but this seems very unlikely given its speed. The craft floats above the Dome of the Rock,
an ancient Islamic shrine in Jerusalem. Some speculate that the location of the incident
– both the landmark and the city itself – may be significant in some way. Because the footage was shot from several
different perspectives at the same time, it does seem that there may indeed be some truth
to the claims, although it is unknown who filmed the images. Many have speculated that the creators of
the separate pieces of footage are known to one another, but this cannot be confirmed
either way. Nick Pope, former Ministry of Defence UFO
investigator, said ‘if these images are real, they are some of the most incredible videos
ever shot’ – and it’s hard to argue with his claims. 3) Aguadilla, Puerto Rico This video, which was captured on a Homeland Security thermal imaging camera, appears to
show a craft moving above Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. For the majority of the video, it seems to
move at a rather swift and steady pace, flying over roads, trees, the airport and the ocean. Perhaps the most alarming thing of all is
that this unidentified craft is hovering above an airport while unknowing aeroplanes take
off from the area. Because the footage is quite unclear, it is
difficult to see exactly what the aircraft is doing. But at one point, it appears to enter then
emerge from the ocean before splitting into two pieces and re-forming as one. Some have speculated that this implies some
sort of UFO technology may exist under this particular stretch of the ocean. Mysteriously, and perhaps ominously, the exact
origin of the video is unknown. Although it is absolutely confirmed to have
come from Homeland Security cameras, many key witnesses have requested anonymity. Allegedly, an acquaintance of someone from
the air force sent the video anonymously to Daina Chaviano, a UFO expert and sci-fi author. A group of UFO researchers from various backgrounds
have since tried to interpret the footage, but are unable to reach any fulfilling or
logical conclusions. The technology used to film the video, in
simple terms, makes hotter things appear darker, so it seems that the craft is hot and full
of energy. Although the informant cannot be confirmed
and therefore cannot be fully trusted or verified, they claim that those on board the craft which
shot the footage noticed a ”pinkish to reddish light” before the crew began to film with
their thermal imaging cameras. Perhaps most strangely of all, the footage
has since been removed from, and re-uploaded to, YouTube. 5) Tijuana, Mexico This video, shot in Tijuana, Mexico, is strangely relatively undiscussed online. This is particularly odd given how clear the
footage is. For almost six whole minutes of constant footage,
one person films the object floating in the sky. It seems to be of an ovular shape and does
look like the typical depiction of a UFO. Although few investigations have been undertaken
in relation to the case, the craft does not appear to resemble a helicopter, aeroplane,
balloon or any other common flying craft. What is particularly strange is that Mexico
is heavily associated with UFO activity. Many voices can be heard in the video, which
of course suggests that there is more than one witness, adding credence to the claims
that the video is genuine. In the video, the object seems to be shimmering
or spinning, and changes shape very slightly throughout the duration of the video. At times, the quality of the video makes things
a little unclear, but the craft does indeed seem to be moving in a mysterious and inexplicable
way. Some viewers of the video have speculated
that the image might be a hologram or a government aeroplane, but many others have speculated
on something more extra-terrestrial. But what do you think? 4) Kumburgaz, Turkey In a number of different videos shot between 2007 and 2009 over Kumburgaz, Turkey, a strange
object – or number of objects – float in the sky. In the videos, which total around 45 minutes,
the craft seems to repeatedly appear in similar locations throughout the three-year period. All of the clips were filmed by Yalcin Yalman,
a night guard who was working in the region. In some videos, the craft seems to be ovular
in shape, with a distinctive appearance, while other videos show more distant views or vague
shapes more akin to light formations. The videos show the craft at various points
of the day, and some of the clips include other voices besides Yalman’s, which means
that he is not the only witness. It is also thought that other people besides
Yalman saw the craft at various times. If this is the case, it seems the most consistent
and constant observation of UFO activity on record, given that it happened repeatedly
over such a long-term period. Several official panelling boards have been
put together by Turkey, who have insisted that the films are indeed real, and that they
are not CGI or hoaxes. That considered, these panels are unable to
offer any explanation as to what the craft – or crafts – may be. These experts believe that although the craft
is clearly real, it shares no commonality with any known man made objects such as aeroplanes,
helicopters, balloons or anything else. More analysis was undertaken in other countries,
all of which came to the same conclusion: that the footage is indeed real and that it
shows a genuine 3D craft which bears no resemblance to anything currently known or understood. Thanks for watching!

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  1. The “Laws of Physics”, maybe as we know them in an earth gravitational situation but we haven’t been told otherwise yet whether these restrictions actually apply universally.

  2. I myself 100% saw a UFO in Spain on a mountain, on a bright starlit night, no drugs or alcohol. My mother called me outside and said do you see that? I looked up, saw a bright light for a few seconds, that suddenly ascended into space, in a straight line, at the blink of an eye. That was real real and God only knows what it was, as we dont, or dont admit yet that we do…..V

  3. 200 years that man has camera's and not one single video or clear picture of a real alien or space craft. LOL Why? because there are no aliens!

  4. 2011 jurusalem has been proven a hoax . The people who recorded it from different angels went to the same film school same class.I think the teacher was even one of recorders

  5. When the object enters the water, the back side of the craft enters first, Strange! https://youtu.be/8NwTFZ4z1b4?t=378

  6. When a human tries to describe an alien ship it will always be based human logic, just like when a Chinese engineer tries to describe an "invention" it will always be based on western technology.

  7. If you click on the purple channel icon to the left, you can see an ion thruster lift its onboard power supply against earth's gravity… The power to weight ratio had to be increased by a a lot to do that with ion propulsion… It has no mechanical moving parts, is almost totally silent, and is relatively very efficient. It is patented and 100% proven to work!

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  10. What would the general public say if they knew that reverse engineered NUCLEAR powered aircraft were being operated frequently in public airspace?

  11. The thing above the Dome of the Rock and Jerusalem was not a UFO it was an angel and this was biblical it was showing where to build the Third Temple cuz right when it flashed it was basically saying this is the place where it has to be built

  12. Why the doubt when real sightings occur? Heres another real sighting from 4-16-19 https://youtu.be/RahaxMEk6G0

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  14. Most times I'm open minded about most things, the one question I would have to ask is what ever the reason for not wanting to approach the aircraft before the dumping started fine observe, u mean that a government would allow a foreign aircraft to unload a substance into the air over a populated area and do nothing, ya right

  15. The 2nd UFO was proven to be a hoax by professional people who studied the footage.


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  17. All edited rubbish show me a close up with aliens waving through the windows.with the camera tech that we have today a close up is not impossible, ,

  18. What about the Phoenix lights? That has to be one of the most widely witnessed and documented UFOs ever.

  19. We all know UFO means Alien s. Extraterrestrial s. And every term that follows. UFO don't mean anything else but Out of this world, crazy technology not flown by a human being. Unless somebody got beamed aboard and took over the Craft. I mean really!! We've all had enough of it could a been a weather balloon. Tell ya truth. I think some these clouds are covers for craft in atmospheric repair. Anyway. They all real!!

  20. Had an incounter my self once..very ..weird..night..I was only 8 years old..still remember every detail to this day…I'm 35 now..

  21. Stuff physics! Just because UFOs can't be explained by general physics well it is therefore not possible! I myself have seen nearly identical UFOs and the speed, thousands of miles per second.
    To me it's just an everyday occurrence.
    Just some of these lunatic reporters put a spin on the story really, is sickening. Hopefully one Day this will be nothing to people but there are people out there that just can't or couldn't handle the truth and until they get of this Rock we are stuck with idiots that are scared of progress.
    Aussie Chrisso 🤠👽

  22. With at least 9 civilizations to have inhabited Earth , we are left wondering what evidence could have been left for man to discover what each ones level of technology was lost at its end..with millions of years between each of these civilizations, any evidence left had turned to dust before another civilization started a new cycle of life…Any one of these civilizations could had been much more advanced in technology than what we are in todays world..can any of us imagine what a million years ahead of our times would be like today in technology advancement ? I believe man was ahead of us by at least a million years in technology before some catastrophic event destroyed man kind on Earth..then after a million years of void another life cycle would take root and begin anew with no evidence of the civilization before it..One of these 9 civilizations was able to achieve space travel of great distances..and just like we are thinking of ways to settle life on Mars today, they also had traveled to and was successful in settling on another planet that we have yet to discover..it could very well be that what we are seeing and reporting as alien space ships is actually man returning to Earth from some past civilization that traveled to and settled on this new planet…not to cause world wide panic, we must first achieve this technology to understand how this was all possible for them to leave and to erase any fear before we can advance to their level and accept it..only then will these visitors will come forward..

  23. I wonder if the next time something appear's in front of the Nasa live feed they could just allow us to decide if we want to watch or turn off the TV .. Hey Nasa let us decide !

  24. That thing in Israel, I’ve seen something very similar. It is real I’ve seen with my own eyes. Way above me like a star and then shot off towards horizon away from the ground. Then I looked around and another one did the same thing. Only way I described it at the time it was like Star Trek when he says engage and they shoot off. These things shot off at light speed, or just very very high speed. Fast enough to go round earth in a few seconds. Since then and before then I always watch the sky, there’s things out there that you can spot on a regular. If there’s anyone with equipment to analyze video I have two clips I took of something not explainable. No one that looks at it can explain it. Anyone interested let me know I will email them

  25. The Jerusalem UFO (the second one in this video) was a well done hoax. After a while, the hoaxer even publicly explained how he made it. He was proud of his work.

  26. Look up westall UFO sighting AUSTRALIA. The biggest mass sighting of a UFO in broad daylight. Wittinessed by hundreds of emergency workers school children and pilots

  27. The film footage in Jerusalem, PALESTINE has been admitted to be fraudulent. It was part of a CGI class of some sort.

  28. If you want to experience UFO's your chances are pretty good if you go up to Mt. Adams where ECETI have skywatch most nights from May – October. Rain and snow ruin seeing them during off seasons. Also the Yakima Indian Reservation have legends going back many hundreds of years and think of the beings that come and go from the mountain (Adams) as their ancestors. Do a search on youtube for ECETI and have fun. I've been there many times and will vouch for the fact that people come from all over the world and most have sightings…

  29. The mennis would be a good name for a weapon, don't you think so usa from the UK, no such thing as manfrom Mars just mankind in space in my opinion

  30. If these were real we wouldnt even be able to see these because of the governments strict rules to keep things like this secret. For example my friend took a picture of her mom on the plane and after looking at them later on they could see something outside with a grey being atop and just to make things worse there had been so much turbulence that they all thought that they'd crash and die later her mom posted it on facebook then her account got deleted and so was her post.


  32. When I was 27, a friend of mine an myself were driving on the interstate i-70, off to the left we seen 3 glowing orbs in the air, at a nice lower level, they were rotating positions with one another for a solid few minutes, and then it took off, but the tracer it left was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. We didnt know what to consider what we had seen.

  33. 1:20 They are dumping fkn Nano Bots into our atmoshphere to controll our minds lol.

    Or it was just a fart.
    EDIT: For real everybody that doesn't understand that the ufo thing is real (WHETEVER IT IS…… i dont say its space aliens…. but its maybe space aliens…) is fkn retarded.

    EDIT2: The point where the ufo in jerusalem drifted over the ground is a mosque that was build on top of the ruins of the temple salamo's (JUST A DRONE I GUESS :33333)

  34. bruh the first one was just a drone cuz
    1. drones can be stable in the air with and without air
    2. that thing is thick in the middle and it has four spinning things on each side
    so bruh that's a drone you're talking about.

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. As someone who has seen them and is known by the Gods who pilot those crafts it really helped me to see them. They're not bad like that creep who maybe saw them and kidnapped that 11 year old girl and held her captive (in your other video… one of them) claimed permitted him to. They showed me really cool things that their crafts can do. They are the creators of humanity. They are God. Not the creator of everything falsely or somewhat truly called God. They are "angels" but really God.

  36. Richmond, Virginia. Age 11, seen a circular object flying across the sky with green, blue, and orangish red lights around it. Dome like shield on the top. Your basics ufo look, would’ve loved to record it but I had a flip phone and I couldn’t whip that shit out quick enough due to shock. Crazy thing is this was right around an earthquake. Idk if that’s a coincidence but that sighting has always stuck around with me and my friends who witnessed it. I hope we aren’t alone in this infinite space.

  37. The first one is kind of weird but the second one is just the shadow of the craft that's filming it whether it's a drone or a plane that's just their own shadow lol
    Backed up by the fact the cars have shadows but the so called ufo does not have a shadow…
    Plus strangely if this is thermal imaging why don't the jets of the plane on take-off at full power, not show up.. ? I don't believe it's even shot with a thermal imaging camera…..!

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