5 Gigantic Mystical Creatures Caught On Camera
Hi guys! A lot of people will tell you that giant creatures and monsters are just a figment
of your imagination, and that you re just silly to believe in mystical and supernatural
things. But hold on a second. Same way in the olden days they used to say that the Earth
is flat and that it rests on turtles and whales and whatnot! Don’t know about you guys but
I still believe that somewhere deep in the wilderness and at the bottom of the ocean
there are weird, uncanny monsters and creatures that are just good at hiding from a human
eye. So I suggest today we dive into the world of 5 extraordinary, gigantic creatures caught
on camera! 1. This video was shot on a car DVR recorder.
We see the car moving down the road. The rising wind forms a tornado. You don’t really feel
like going out in such weather conditions, do you? It looks truly fascinating, I bet
seeing it live and close makes you tremble. Suddenly a giant spiderlike creature appears
in the shot. And just like the car it moves towards the tornado. Although is that just
some regular spider on the windshield? What do you guys think? Let’s take a look one
more time. 2. This weird video was recorded by a couple
of guys from Philippines. I ve got a hunch it s a montage made by these same two dudes.
But take a look anyway and tell me what you guys think. So during the night these guys
saw a giant creature casually walking along the shore. They say that the creature in no
other than Cthulhu – the giant ocean monster. Do you guys think it s Cthulhu? Looks more
like some giant ogre to me. Maybe it s Shrek!? Press the like button if you really think
it could be Shrek and you re really watching this video just for fun!
3. This next video looks like some kind of water performance. It it goes well until suddenly
some kind of giant tentacle or a really big anaconda emerges from the water. It grabbed
the poor guy and dragged him into the water. It all happened so quick I bet he didn’t
even notice it. 4. This video was shot on a camera set somewhere
deep in the woods. It was around three o`clock at night when a strange figure appeared in
the shot. Nobody seems to know what it is. Experts are certain about one thing: the creature
is over 3 meters high. Many locals say that this isn’t the first appearance and that
once in a month they can hear weird growling noises coming out from the middle of the forest.
5. The guy who shot this video said that he captured no other than a real hydra! The guy
said that he and his buddy were chilling on the beach when suddenly something huge and
terribly horrifying emerged from the water surface over the horizon line. The dude grabbed
the camera and started shooting. Something tells me that it was a Pinocchio who shot
the video and spend quite a few hours in the video editor afterwards 😉
Am I wrong guys? Did you see that hydra yourselves? Tell me about it in the comment peeps! I really
wanna know the truth behind all this! And don’t forget to press the like button if
you want more stories like these, okay? That’s all for now folks, thank you for watching
and will see you soon!


  1. Real the monster in number5 was no other than king ghidorah godzillas top villan in the world

  2. Wonna here something scary so this kid named Alan
    He ask if I can get a pencil I was so scard
    HELP me 😨🤤😨🤤😨🤤

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