5 Insane Insect Fights
Hi guys! Insects are the largest and the most diverse type of animals on Earth. 1.5 million
of different kinds of insects inhabit our planet. They may be found in all environments:
they reside on the ground, in the sky and water… Often insects get mixed up in mortal
combats and even wars. Pretty much like humans do. Insects are very sophisticated killers.
Its always fascinating watching them fight. And that’s why now you are about to see
5 epic insect battles of all times. 1. Mantis VS Scolopendra
When you look at mantis you kind of think that it`s from outer space or a creature from
a horror film. Most mantis have elongated bodies that are very different from other
arthropods. It s got very flexible triangular head that almost spins on its axis, allowing
spotting approaching enemy even from behind. Some mantis grow up to 17 cm. long.
When mantis encounter their enemies, they first try to scare their opponent. They rise
in a frightening pose, spreading their wings like a kind of hand fan. They expose their
grasping legs pulling up bottoms of their bellies. Such pose usually accompanied by
a scary organic sound. If opponent seems bigger and stronger mantis prefers to fly away. But
when it feels its dominance or chances seem equal it often wins the battle.
Scolopendra. There are about 600 types of these predators. They are classified as centipedes
and the biggest specimen can be up to 30 cm. long. Scolopendra has one significant nuisance:
when disturbed these animals can cause inflammatory skin diseases. Scolopendra is a night predator
and it doesn’t feel comfortable in open space in broad daylight. Most scolopendra
are great runners but there is also a giant type that runs significantly faster than others
of its kind do. They mostly hunt for small invertebrates underground:
Larvae, earthworms and beetles but scolopendra gigantean can catch and kill a small reptile,
a frog for example, a mouse, bird, or even a small snake.
Let the battle commence. Opponents converge and both wait for a better
moment to strike. And the mantis strikes first! We are witnessing the fierce, mean battle.
Chances seem equal. One wrong move and the mantis is defeated. Scolopendra can now enjoy
a pleasant dinner. 2. Hornet VS Scorpion
There are 20 types of hornets known to man. The majority (12 types) lives in the South-East
Asia. The biggest type Is the Asian giant hornet. It can be almost 6 cm. long.
Fully grown hornets mostly feed on insects. They settle near bee houses and can do a lot
of damage killing honey bees with their sting or with their jaws. Their big and poisonous
stinger allows them attacking almost any insect in their habitat. Grasshoppers, wasps and
locusts do not have a chance against these merciless killers. The only ones who can confront
these flying monsters are the Asian bees. That is if they strike collectively. They
surround the hornet, trapping it in a kind of bee-sphere. The vibration inside the sphere
creates high temperature that could be almost 50 degrees. It is that heat that kills the
hornet. Scorpions are one of the most ancient arachnids
known to man. It can be found in many completely different parts of our planet. There are many
types of scorpions. Biologists discovered at list 1750 kinds. But only 50 of them are
poisonous and dangerous to men. Their body length varies from 1.5 to 20 cm. They can
be of almost any color. There are green, brown and even black scorpions.
Lets take a look at the fight between the hornet and a small scorpion. Hornet strikes
first. It doesn’t seem like the scorpion is ready to fight at all but it has no choice.
It tries to hit the hornet but there is not much luck there. After a while scorpion starts
using its claws. Useless. Hornet is set to win the fight. After a few more moments the
scorpion is defeated. Well, that was a small scorpion. In the future
episode you will see hornet fighting against the Emperor scorpion.
3. Hornet VS Tarantula Tarantulas are venomous and hairy. They belong
to the family of spider. Tarantula`s size varies from 2.5 up to 10 cm. They can swing
their legs as far as 30 cm. Females are always bigger and their weigh can reach whole 90
gram. They have large, deadly 1 cm long fangs. During their lifecycle tarantulas change their
natural chitinous “armor” that covers almost entire body of the spider. They feed
on smaller insects and even amphibians. Sometimes they hunt frogs.
Ok, let’s take a look at the merciless fight between the hornet and the tarantula they
call king baboon spider. Unlike the previous video this hornet doesn`t seem that active.
It`s like he`s not even trying to protect himself against the spider. Although if there
was more space to operate, we might have seen a whole different kind of battle. The spider
bites the hornet dealing a lot of damage. The cold-blooded spider slowly finishes his
prey. 4. Spider VS Scorpion
When spiders and scorpions collide, the later usually wins because of it`s heavy armor.
Spiders just can`t bite through scorpion`s protective layer. Scorpion in it`s turn easily
pierces spiders with its deadly tail. But if the spider happens to be a lot larger then
the situation changes drastically. Take a look at this unfortunate scorpion and his
massive opponent. This scorpion shouldn’t have come where he is no wanted.
5. Scorpion VS Sun spider As you already know, if a scorpion and a spider
are the same size then the scorpion would always win. But there is one exception. Sun
spider. Those spiders go by many names. Camel spider
is just one of them. Some of them are 7 cm. long! Its cephalothorax, which is his body
and head has a dismembered structure. It has two bulging eyes. They have powerful jaws
and ten legs. Sun spiders are typical predators and have
abnormal voracity. Despite the fact that these spiders are not venomous they can attack and
kill larger animals. They mostly feed on insects. Their usual diet are centipedes, termites,
scorpios and spiders as well as small rodents. Larger specimen also hunt lizards and small
birds. When up against each other, sun spider does
a very slimy trick. It pretends to run away making scorpion chase it. But the chase doesn’t
last long. The sun spider turns around swiftly and strikes the scorpion before it has a chance
to bounce off. Spider hits the deadliest part – scorpion`s tail. Now the scorpion is disarmed
and seems to be no longer dangerous. But it isn`t over just yet. The scorpion tries to
shake off the spider and release his tail from the spider`s grab. It`s useless. Sun
spider holds it for a few minutes. When scorpion loses all his power, the spider begins devour
his inattentive opponent. Do you guys wanna know about the black widow`s
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  1. I hate your idiot Euro-trying-to-sound-American voice. Why not just be yourself and stop with the goofy put-on that makes you sound like a moron?

  2. 8:59 it doesn't seem like pretending tho
    It was obviously trying to run away like most of the onter insects in this glass "cages" but it just couldn't
    Whe he turned around he got the opportunity to bite the scorpions tail

    More like a lucky strike that he didn't let go for waste

  3. not all are "insects" in here. The name and narrator of this video are inaccurate. Some of the organisms here are arachnids etc. Not "insects". The wording should've been "craziest BUG fights" or something. Not "insects". And some footage seems to be taken from Monster Bug Wars. Plus the silly voice in this video doesn't help.

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  11. • Centipedes aren't insects (they're arthropods).
    • Solifugids aren't spiders, or scorpions (they're arachnids).
    • These fights are unbalanced.
    • Your accent's fucked.

  12. I totally agree with what you said @ 00:18. I can't tell you how many times I've seen insects playing Mortal Kombat. They will also break into your house and play it. I've caught insects on my Xbox One, playing Mortal Kombat atleast 3 times.

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