28 thoughts on “40 seconds of of terror. Surveillance video as woman fights off attacker

  1. This is extremely horrible, but it feels like manipulative reporting with giving 0 context for anything but displaying the distressed emotion and crazed mugshot of the criminal.

  2. Cave his head in with a bat. Wait until he's sleeping or passed out drunk, and cave his fucking head in…the others may get the message.

  3. Maybe a little police brutality isn’t so bad. A crack upside the skull of some of these junkies just might be what the doctor ordered.

  4. The victim probably voted for the democrat left learning judge. Now she is upset when she is on the receiving end of those liberal policies. I'll save my tears for someone else. If I'm wrong she she should vote for Trump in 2020 and move to a red state.

  5. Welcome to the liberal's world!
    Legalizing meriguana
    Sanctuary City
    Prop 47 rob up $950
    High taxes
    ..and many more!

  6. The crazy man needs to be taken out of circulation to keep residents safe. Whether locked up in a mental institution, or a jail, he must not be allowed to roam the streets threatening the safety and security of other people.

  7. I found out they'll arrest him for a 72hr psychiatric hold then let him go because the police here where I live are incapable or unwilling protect us/me from the menace to society they did not show up for over 15min when my crazy neighbor tried to kill me and I found out the chicken sh💩 cop's were parked around the corner shortly after he started attacking me he was completely psycotic just like ME MYSELF and IRENE except this wasn't funny and he was trying to kill me

  8. I'm so glad I come from a latin and Sicilian family. They would have gotten revenge and taken care of this guy without the police

  9. its true my sister got beat up my a man and when she ran away once she went in the dark he dragged her kicked her everything and just bec she ran to my moms house then called the police they couldnt arrest him bec they didnt have proof he did it

  10. You voted for these liberal socialist policies, now deal w it. But no you will still vote Democrat like a good robot

  11. Meanwhile, feminists, against all logic and common sense, tell women they shouldn't take protective measures when out or travelling…. because, you know, somehow reality suspends itself with feminists.

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