360 Photo Tour Camera + System to Track & Measure Your Numbers – Whissel Widget of the Week

So Bryan, I know we’re tight on time. Yes. Whissel Widgets of the week. -Yes.
-What’ve you got for us? Mine, we just got new, that are second, this the the Theta three six, the Theta V. Is it the Theta V or Theta Five? Is it iPhone X or iPhone 10? 10. Okay, then it’s five. But search Theta V on Amazon. It’s about three to four hundred bucks, depending if you get it used or new, and we use this, I really love this, I thought I would hate it, but we use this for our Zillow 3D tours. Matterport takes us, not us, Tom, Tom Cat, I gave him the honor to do that. Takes him an hour and
a half to three hours, depending on the size of the home. I shot a, how big was Breezo? Uh, 4700 square feet. Yeah, I shot a 360 tour
of that in 20 minutes with this. So, really easy. You’re able to place it around the house. You could go through the Zillow app, and that helps you rank higher on Zillow, meaning more visibility for your listing, which makes it better for
you to get your listing sold. And more leads. More leads. Yeah, and then my widget
of the week is a system called Sisu, S-I-S-U. Website is sisu.co, and
we’ll link that up in the show notes. So, I talked earlier
about the importance of knowing your numbers. You need to know all of your numbers, especially know numbers
when it comes to your lead generation. You need to know how much
money you are spending on your leads, what is your cost per lead, what is your return on investment, what is your, your cost per acquisition, you need to know all of that stuff. Conversion rates,
because the more you know that stuff, the more you can adapt, the more I realize hey I’m spending 45 thousand dollars a
year on photos and videos. I can hire somebody, and
now I can actually get way more out of my 45 thousand dollars. And we’re using Google Sheets -to do all this tracking.
-Yes, we have like custom built all our stuff, which is a pain in the butt. These guys are amazing, they’re constantly evolving. So, if you’re looking for
something where you can really track everything
that you’re team is doing, you’re tracking things like
how many calls they’re making, how many conversations they’re having, how many open houses they’re doing, so you can track all their activities. You can track your money in there, you can track your productions. So, you know, we’re looking
at like our numbers here in September 2019. Last year in September, we sold 15 houses. We’re on track to sell
28 houses this September. It’s really nice to see those trends, and we can look at what are the activities that we’re taking that
are causing us to do that. So, really knowing the
numbers in your business, really helps you analyze where you’ve been and where you’re headed, helps you cut things
out that aren’t working, it helps you spend more
on things that are. There was a radio show back in the day that used to have a segment called pump it or dump it. So, that’s a little exercise
that we do once a month is just going through all of our expenses, and go through a little
pump it or dump it exercise. Is this working? Let’s pump more money into it. Is this not working? Let’s dump it. So, sisu.co killer killer company. Killer system. Highly recommended it. Also, love it ’cause it
integrates with a lot of other things like a boom town, like a viral marketing, integrates with all that stuff. You have the discount link, yeah? We do, yeah. So, if you guys want it, if you go do the demo with Sisu, just use my name. Just, I think the code is just Whissel. So if you use that,
they’ll cut off, I think there’s a setup fee, they’ll cut that out for you guys. So, just mention you
saw it on the podcast, they’ll take care of you over there. Cool. So, that’s what we’ve
got for you guys today. Hopefully you guys got a lot of value, and learned some new tools and techniques of how you guys can go
out there and crush it in your business. If you’d love to stay connected with us, we would love to do the same. Hop on thewhisselway.com, that’ll link you over
to our YouTube channel where you can watch other
episodes of the show. It’ll also link you over
to our Facebook page where we interact and really, if you have questions for us, that’s the best place to ask them because we know if you
have those questions, other people do too. So, let’s all learn together. Guys, thanks so much for
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One thought on “360 Photo Tour Camera + System to Track & Measure Your Numbers – Whissel Widget of the Week

  1. The theta isn't bad, but the quality of the matterport camera tours is so much better, I've never shown a comparison to a client and had them select the theta. With that being said, since matterport cameras can't be used for zillow tours yet, it's a mute point, but for all other advertising, it's not even close.

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