20190408 Ma Long and Liu Guoliang CCTV Sports Interview

(Q: How is the recovery of your injuries?) Ma Long: It is better than expected. It is quite intense to play two tournaments consecutively. It is good that I haven’t experienced discomfort so far. The injuries are under control. (Q: To what extent are your techniques recovered?) Ma Long: I don’t think it matters whether the techniques are recovered or not. You may still lose the match with fully recovered techniques. What matters to me is to get the focus back. In the past month of closed training in Shenzhen, actually I didn’t do a lot of technical training. I have been trying to catch up the team and get myself more composed and focused. That’s very important. (Q: What percentage do you think is your current form compared to your prime?) Ma Long: I don’t know when my prime is. (Q: The World Championships are about 10 days to go. What is your preparation plan?) Ma Long: To take it step by step. In the first two days in Austria, I will take a break to refresh. I have attended World Championships for many times. However, every time my position in the team is different and my challenge is different. This time, I feel much relaxed. Because I am only #5 of Team China! (Q: You will play men’s singles and men’s doubles this time. A routine question: What is your goal?) Ma Long: I will cherish every victory. That’s all. (Q: That’s all?) Ma Long: That’s all. (Q: Can you comment on Ma Long’s recovery and performance in these two tournaments?) Liu Guoliang: After closed training and before Qatar Open, we told him to try to exert 70% of his capacity to find the rhythm of competition. As he reached the final of Qatar Open and turned around trailing 0-2, I think he got to 85% of his capacity. Asian Cup is a big challenge for him, not only because of injuries but also because of jet lag and travels. Three group matches in one day, and he reached the final against Fan Zhendong. Although he lost, I am glad to see that his body is rehabilitating, his confidence is building up, and he is finding rhythm of competition. He never loses the desire to win. This should be highly appreciated. As for him, he is never short of champions and high World Ranking, What matters more to him is the pursuit of excellence, the hunger for victory, and the national pride. I think Ma Long not only accomplishes himself but also boosts the morale of the team.

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