13 Types of Students Doing Homework

(contemplative music)
(people chattering) – Hey! Where are you guys going? – Oh, we’re actually
going back to my place. – What? Like, just the two of you? – Yeah, we kind of needed
a change of environment to get work done and Terry
here says that his house is really conducive. – No! Way, I mean no way! ‘Cause I was thinking
the exact same thing. You know, you should
come to my house instead. – Your house?
– Mmhmm. – Since when do you do homework? – (laughs nervously) Well,
I happen to think that homework is really important. In fact, it’s so important that we should do it at my house, not Terry’s. – Did someone say do homework together? Sign me up!
(playful music) – Thanks for offering your place bro, can’t wait man! (laughs) – Study party, woo-hoo! Can Ren Yi Xiang come along please? – All right guys. So there’s a pool party
going on at Jian Hao’s house, and everyone is invited. – I guess, thanks bro. – That’s not what I meant! (sighs) – Alright guys, we are all
here to do homework okay? So, nobody go outside, don’t go to any of the rooms, don’t go to the pool, don’t make a mess and, don’t break anything okay, or my mom is going to kill me. So just take a seat, and everyone can go home after we’re done with homework. (sighs)
(instrumental music playing) No, no, no, no, no, you
can’t sit with Denise. – Why? – Because, she needs to concentrate. – So, I can study with her. – There, you sit there, far away set. – Hey bro, what’s the wifi password? (pencil scratching) – What’s going on? – Oh hey, oh, took out
the PS4 if you don’t mind. (giggles) – Owning this guy. – Hey Vince, everyone
is doing their homework. Maybe we should too? (sneezes)
(eerie music) – Oh God, I’m done. (laughs) You want play? – You can keep that.
– Oh okay. – You got something on your. – Ah, it doesn’t matter. (excited yelp) (pencil scratching) – This is my favorite part of the day. (sighs) (dramatic music) (record scratching) – Hey Denise, what are you working on? – The cure for the–
(doorbell chimes) – Oh, give me a moment. (pencil scratching) Oh hi, do I know you girls? – We are juniors. We saw Jasmine’s Instagram stories saying there’s a pool party, so we came. – Pool party? What time? I mean, no. No pool party all right? We are all here to do homework, and get better grades. So, work together and, find a seat somewhere and
start working all right? – He’s such an inspiration. – I know right?! – Okay but, I really want to swim. – Let’s just find a pool. – Yeah? (pencil scratching) – Yo, check this out, screw the homework. I didn’t know Jian Hao has
so much food in his house. Do you want some? – Nah man, it’s 2020. I am gluten-free. – Gluten-free? (laughs mockingly) Are you kidding me? Well, at least you’re not vegan. (screeching) – Kevin, are you taking
all of this for yourself? – Oh okay, I see what’s going on. You think that I shouldn’t eat all of this because you think I’m fat? Is that it? (dramatic exhalation)
I’m so insulted. Can you believe this Ren Yi Xiang? – Kevin, that’s not what this is about. – Oh, I see. Are you body shaming me right now? Cause it just so happens,
that I’m on a diet, ok? (big cat snarling)
– What? No Kevin, calm down. – Oh, I see what’s going on. Just because I have a
crush on Ren Yi Xiang, you think that we are not compatible just because he is a little
bit skinnier than me? And you think that I shouldn’t
eat all these biscuits and lose some weight? Is that it Nicole, huh? – Kevin, I just wanted to tell you that these biscuits are expired. It has been here for years
and no one has touched it. So, you probably shouldn’t
eat too much either. – (scoffing) Okay, I knew that. I was going to throw
it out for you anyway. So sensitive. Let’s go Ren Yi Xiang. – Geez, what’s wrong with Kevin? He’s been so angsty lately. – I don’t know. – Wait, I thought you
said these were expired? – No, I’m just messing with him (laughs). (pencil scratching)
(slow western ballad) (gasping) – Kevin, what are you doing? – Trying to keep my eyes open. This is so boring, I’m falling asleep. – Okay. (slow western ballad) (suspenseful music) (sputtering) – (gasping) Oh, who’s there?
(playful music) What was that? Mmmm, matcha mille crepe cake
with a tinge of Tiramisu. Exquisite stuff. (crunching) You want some?
– No no, I’m gluten free. (crunching)
(pencil scratching) (playful string music) – Hey Terry. I heard you are a smart guy. Can you help me out with a question? – I haven’t gotten there yet. – But it’s the first question though. – I really can’t help you. – Hey guys, what’s up? – Hey Abbey.
– Homework? – Yeah, I’m done with my homework. Do you need help? Why don’t you sit here, I can share my answers with you. – Okay (laughs loudly) – It’s fine, it’s fine.
I got this, I got this. – But I need the answer. – I got this. I got this. (pencil scratching) Okay, multiple choice. This should be easy. A, B, A, B, A. – Trev, why are you rushing
though the questions? You’re gonna make a mistake. – I just wanna finish the homework soon, so I can get to spend more
time together with you Abbey. All I can think about
is A, B, A, B, Abbey. You’re not a mistake. – Yeah, please don’t do that again. (clanging) – What? You got a problem? (bell chiming)
Huh? (sighs) all right, I’m done Abbey. Do you wanna go watch me play
basketball with the boys? – Hmm, okay. – Let’s go. What? (pencil scratching) – Hey honey. I’ll do half of the questions, and then you do the other half, and then after that we share the answers. – Okay, sounds good. – Okay. Hmm. If I have two balls, Abbey takes one, How many balls would I have left with? – Huh, Abbey again? What do your balls have to do with her? And what do you mean
you have one ball left? – No honey, it is a math question. Maybe it’s like basketball or soccer? – Oh, so typical. Of course you’re blaming
it on the question. My mom always told me
men can’t be trusted. – Oh my God. – Why don’t you just get with Abbey? – What?
– Shh. Hello, I’m studying here. (suspenseful music) – I got no balls. (pencil scratching) – Nah, this is not gonna work. I need music to concentrate. (techno music) Oh my God, this music
really makes me wanna dance. Let’s dance! Oh my God, okay. I need to be very careful, not to break anything here. (rattling)
(Crashing) (all gasping) – Oh my God! My mom’s antique porcelain
vase from the Qing dynansty! (sighs)
She’s gonna kill me. – Hao Hao?
(suspense music) – Hi mom. – Why didn’t you tell me
you are having friends over? And to do homework. You’re such a good boy, Mommy is so proud of you. – Really? – Now everyone, everyone, please make yourselves at home, okay? – Hi Mrs. Tan. (stuttering) I mean Madam? – Oh Kevin dear, you
can just call me Aunty. Just call me Patricia. (yells) Who are you calling Aunty? Who is an Aunty, are you blind? Okay, Mommy is going for
my nail appointment now. (ominous music)
Do not make a mess. Bye. Alfredo Walter! (pencil scratching) – Hey guys, shall we test
each other on geography? – Okay. – Hmm, What is the capital of India? – Oh, I know, New Delhi. Okay, what is the capital
of the Philippines? – Oh, I know this one. Manila. – Hey Ben, do you wanna join us? – Sure. – Hey Ben, what is the capital of France? (dramatic music)
– F. (all laughing) – F for funny, eh? (laughing) – Hey Ben, I think they were just joking. We didn’t mean to make you feel left out. – It’s okay. I don’t belong here anyways. I’ll go play basketball
so, I’ll see you in class. Hey Trev, have you seen the ball? – Huh, the ball, no. Abbey, have you seen the ball? – No. But I can look around. Hey guys, have you seen the ball? – No, Hakim has only one left and you’re not taking that away. – Okay, cool. – I hate that girl. – Honey, calm down. (ominous music)
– Shh. (pencil scratching) – Hey nerds. Can you all help me with this question, cause I don’t quite understand it? – It’s actually really easy. Have you taken a look at the questions? – If you don’t wanna help me, just say so. – Hey Bella, can you
help me with my homework, because I don’t quite understand
how this questions works. (snipping) Are you an art student by any chance? – Yeah. – Cause that’s my math homework. – Well, you asked me for my help, so. – All right, I guess it’ll work. Thank you so much by the way,
I’ll just keep these pieces. See ya! Hi Hakim. – Hi Jasmine. (booming)
(electricity crackling) – Bye Hakim, Madam Soot Beng vibes man. (pencil scratching) (grunts)
– How do I even do this? Okay, who am I kidding? I can just find the answer on Google. Wait, where’s my phone? (Gasps) Oh my God, this is
the new “Class T1T5” video, let’s watch it! – Yeah! – Oh my God, there’s an ad. Skip. Oh, the video is starting. (giggles) That is so me. Wait, what am I supposed to do again? – Maybe let me order some drinks. Hey, does anyone want Boba? – Oh me! – Did you say Boba? Okay, I want 200% sugar. – Is there a gluten free option? (glass shattering) (pencil scratching)
(dramatic music) (zipping) (joints cracking) – And I’m ready to take
a five minute break. What am I doing this weekend?
(suspenseful music) (contemplative music) Pei Shi, what are you doing here? Ah, Pei Shi, no, no that’s not me anymore, that’s not me. No but wait, all my life
all I ever wanted was, no, no, you’re not that
anymore Ren Yi Xiang, you’re not- I miss you Pei Shi. Oh no, no, stop, stop! – Ren Yi Xiang, are you okay? What’s happening? – I’m fine I just need to take a break. Happy do your homework. What’s wrong with me,
what’s wrong with me? (suspenseful music) (thunder rumbling) (crinkling) (pencil scratching)
(dramatic music) – Oh my God, this is never gonna end. I’m never gonna finish this. What if this is all a test? If homework wasn’t important, why would Miss Shirley even give it to us? What is I get expelled for this? I can’t, I can’t lose my school. My mom’s gonna kills me,
my dad is gonna kill me, what if the school closes down because we are all doing so badly? What if all the Titan’s
students have to split up? Where would we all go? – Shh. – Calm down Cherylene, it’s just homework. You don’t have to do it
if you don’t want to. God! (dramatic music) (pencil scratching)
(playful music) Ah, time to get my homework done. What, who in their right mind
has the time to do all this? Argh! Hey Denise! Can I see your answers? – Sure, but only if you
would be willing to learn. – Willing to learn? Hi Madam Soot Being. (laughs) I got your answers! – But, those are not even the answers. – [Boy] How to wear
your face mask properly? What? (pencil scratching) (Sighs) – Hao, I can’t do this. Where’s your dog? Can we just tell Miss Shirley
your dog ate my homework? – You think Miss Shirley
is gonna believe that? – I know you’re right, it’s stupid. – Unless we tell her my
croc ate our homework. – Wait, your croc, like crocodile? – Yeah. (laughs) – Oh yeah you are funny. – No, seriously, you wanna see? – Okay. (upbeat drum music) – Walater. Take us to Gong Gong. (dramatic music)
– Right away. – Why do you call him Gong Gong? – A story for another time. Let’s go! (growling and hissing) (jazzy music)
(sniveling) (jazzy piano music) – Ah ah ah, where do you
think you girls are going? – We are going to the pool. – No can do. Mrs. Tan said
no one is allowed in the pool without any supervision. – Well, not if you come with us. – Well, I guess I like
the water anyways right? (upbeat jazzy music) (excited screams) – Guys, have you seen the butler? I think our crocodile is lost. – What? – You have a pet crocodile? What’s his name? Is he cute or is it a she? Oh my God, do crocodiles
even have a gender? (crickets chirping)
(dramatic music) – Oh my God guys! Is that a crocodile? (screams) – Wait, wait for me, he doesn’t bite! Gong Gong doesn’t bite! Wait, come back! – Oh my Gosh, what is this?
(laughing) My mom’s gonna kill me. – You are dead. (laughing) – Walater, come on man. (upbeat techno music) – Yo, can I see this? (screaming)
(laughing) I got the answers.
(laughing) – Don’t worry about it
Terry, he doesn’t bite. – Yeah, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Thanks!

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