13 Mysterious Graveyard Sightings Caught on Camera

Graveyards are commonly seen as mystical summoning
grounds for the para normal, and as these videos show, things can happen in the middle
of the day just as easily as the middle of the night. In other words, there’s no safe time to
be hanging around a graveyard. 13. “St. Peter and Paul graveyard”: A man
in St. Louis, Missouri suspects that he has captured a sign from above at the St. Peter
and Paul graveyard . . . or maybe it’s a sign from down below. The twisted, gnarled tree in this video has
been struck by lightning, and now it has a flaming and smoking center that looks like
the gates to the underworld. Could this be a warning of an ominous future
event or just a simple act of nature? 12. “Kinder graveyard”: A man is filming his
local graveyard one calm day when he catches what could be a glimpse of the other side
. . . He zooms in on the strange spot and finds
no further traces of the paranormal. I don’t know about you, but I can almost
make out the head and shoulders of a small child when he slows the video down. 11. “The Awkening”: A family in the Philippines
is holding a ceremony for their child when something amazing happens . . . their baby begins to move. The parents pluck their child and wrap it
in blankets. Just yesterday medical examiners had told
them that their child had passed from a severe fever. Now clearly still alive. Though the parents are relieved, terror soon
sets in as they realize how close they came to burying their baby alive. 10. “In the Distance”: I need to include this
video because I’ve never come across a paranormal video before with such an even split between
people saying that it’s absolutely fake and so obviously real. Some people are certain that this is the legitimate
ghost of a child, and others are sure that this is special effects, light reflections,
a plastic bag, and a host of other non-paranormal explanations. As for me, I think that I probably would have
noticed something that large moving out of the corner of my eye, so I think it could
be fake. But then again, I can’t say for sure unless
I was there myself. Maybe the camera recorded something that was
not discernable by the naked eye. 9. “Hey”: A YouTuber named Trey P is wandering
around an empty graveyard somewhere in New Orleans all by himself when he hears this
voice out of nowhere: He claims that the voice belongs to a ghost,
though to be honest, it might just be his. The only way to tell if this video is real
would be to have Trey P say a sentence and then compare his voice with the voice in the
video. 8. “The Gatekeeper”: A person with an interest
in graveyards is casually filming when they accidentally pick up a bizarre and possibly
dangerous watcher. You can see a blurry shadow as it takes a
few steps out from the other side of a wall, but the person recording doesn’t seem to
notice. It wasn’t until much later that they reviewed
the video and found the hidden lurker in the distance. I personally think that this could be CGI
because the resolution of the video seems to have been lowered, which is always a sign
of amateur effects. Then again, the person recording might have
been using a cheap camera, or maybe this is an older video. 7. “The Missing”: A YouTuber named Daniel
finds a graveyard that is different than most others. It’s in a bad state of disrepair, but beyond
that, some of the graves are just plain missing. The
graves could have simply been relocated, but if that were the case, then I think that the
graves sites would have been filled back in. For some reason though, this graveyard has
perfectly dug up graves with absolutely no evidence of a burial – there’s no casket
and no headstone. It’s not like these plots were recently
dug for a future burial, either. Vegetation is slowly creeping back over them
and they are covered with a light bed of dry leaves. Whatever the explanation for the absence of
these graves, one thing is for sure – clearly a lot of time has passed since they’ve been
uncovered. 6. “Shadow Play”: A group of British ghost
hunters are walking around the Wilne graveyard in search of paranormal evidence. It’s late at night when they apparently
find exactly what they are looking for. Pay close attention to the area between the
two tombstones or you might miss it . . . The man’s flashlight passes over a tall
silhouette that makes him pause. It looks like it could have simply been some
shadows playing against the wall, but they light up the entire area and there is no wall
to be found. Let me know if you saw the strange shadowy
figure and what you think it could have been. 5. “The Visitor”: Two friends look out the
window and see a mysterious figure dressed in all white roaming the graveyard without
shoes. She has her head down and pays absolutely
no attention to them even as they call out to her. Finally she starts to walk towards them and
they quiet down. One of friends quickly points out that now
she knows where they live. He screams out the window that she’s scaring
him and she walks away, still completely lost in her own world. Here’s where things get even more weird. She heads to the back of the graveyard, spins
around a few times and then disappears behind a tall gravestone. They think that she has vanished, but I think
that she could have just been sitting down on the other side. The two friends say that they kept filming
for a long time and never saw her again, so maybe she really did disappear. Still, it’s hard to tell if this was a genuine
spirit or just someone with a morbid attraction to graveyards. 4. “Light in the Darkness”: Two friends think
that they may have recorded the presence of a spirit when they entered a graveyard late
at night. Here’s their evidence. Look at the back row of tombstones on the
right and focus on the one that’s closest to the road. An intense source of light plays over the
gravestone. It could be a reflection of their headlights
bouncing off of some glass, but something seems a little off about the angle. And if this gravestone was not made of glass,
then there is absolutely no explanation for this video. Let me know if you think this is real or if
they got fooled by their own car. 3. “Sharby’s Find”: It’s a dreary and
overcast day when a YouTuber named Sharby straps a Go-Pro on his head and heads into
abandoned graveyard with his friend. This eerie graveyard is surrounded by woods
and is “in the middle of nowhere”, as Sharby puts it, and they are hoping to find
some adventure. They are checking out old headstones and goofing
off when a frightening discovery suddenly changes the mood. It appears to be a rusty old crowbar that
was perhaps used to dig up graves. Both Sharby and his friend instantly get a
bad feeling and Sharby throws it to the ground, suddenly wanting nothing to do with the ancient
object. They keep exploring and eventually come across
a grave from 1811. The unshakable feeling of dread just won’t
go away and suddenly it begins to snow, which is very odd weather for October. Not too far away they discover a battered
doll and get seriously freaked out by its mere presence. Some branches snap in the nearby woods and
they quickly flee before they can find out what was near them. 2. “The Crying Ghost”: A man is in a Mexican
graveyard at 1:28 in the morning to see if a local legend about a crying girl is true. He has been waiting around for a while and
is about to leave when suddenly he hears someone sobbing and sees a girl kneeling in the distance. He calls out to see if she is okay . . . I think it’s strange that he would go to
the graveyard all by himself, but then again, he probably didn’t think anything would
really happen, or maybe he couldn’t find anyone brave enough to go with him. Either way, if he had more witnesses or a
better camera then I would be more inclined to believe this video was legit. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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your channel will be added in the description. 1. “The Oakwood graveyard”: This graveyard
in Michigan defies the laws of gravity and replaces them with the laws of the para normal. There is a specific tree at the bottom of
a hill that many locals believe is haunted. You can put your car into neutral at the top
of the hill and the car will roll down as normal. Here’s a quick demonstration. But when you pull up to the cursed tree and
put your car in neutral, this is what will happen each and every time . . . A strange force appears to be causing this
man’s car to roll backwards and climb a semi-steep inclination. Not only that, but I think I hear a strange
voice in the video, too. Listen to this and tell me if you hear someone
say something that sounds like name “Sarah”. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
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  1. Ok so I got a story about a ghost so when I was like 7 I had a 3DS and a was messing with the camera app thing in it and so I took a picture and the picture came out with a weird looking red light with a weird skull looking shape and I could see the neck and it could be a camera glitch but the only thing that was my tv and i wasn't facing the tv and how I got the picture was that I turned a little bit and the weird red light came I think it was a glitch but at the same time I think it could be something paranormal 🤔

    what do you think?

  2. I feel like I scared this guy once. I was in the hills behind my house and he was walking with his bike about a quarter mile away. I was sitting on this large construction boulder thing and he looked at me. I got scared cause I was alone with nothing to protect myself. Not even a phone. So I just looked at him. He started waving and walking closer to me. I ducked behind the boulder while he wasn't looking and started walking back to my house still behind the tall boulders. I peaked out and heard him yell hello?? And he started running the opposite way of me lol

  3. Hey chills. Number 8 I caught something like that on my video last night using my iPhone XS Max. Didn’t see or notice it till I got home. We went there after12am. My son and i

  4. The one dude is taking a hit off a joint. You can hear him inhale at 7:20. What was the most used word in the 60's and 70's? Ear. Takes a hit off a doobie, taps next person and says 'Ear'.

  5. Guy finds an old tool. Guy finds a doll. Guy starts running away. Editer of Chills immediately declares this a top 3 video. Right. 🙄

  6. I wonder why these guys only carry cameras with low light. I carry a flash light with me at night that has 1300 luminous. Thing is very bright, I can see everything like a football field length away.

  7. On number two it looks like a flashlight hitting the grave ,someone could have been hiding and hit that grave with a atomic beam flashlight,they look very similiar.

  8. On number 1 we have a place here in Maryland called Gravity Hill that will make a car roll upward ,its because of a magnetic force buried in the ground,you can look it up.

  9. Idk if i counts for anything but the last one isn’t paranormal it’s a natural phenomenon, idk the physics behind it is but in Casper Wyoming there’s a hill right next to their mountain and the same things happens when you put the car in neutral

  10. Yep was sara sara b interesting to no the name s of the people who were in the car!!! Back wards up a hill how do u explain that??!! C something s can’t b explained!!!!

  11. number 1 have an explanation, it's kind of optical illusion, idk how to explain it in english, it's look like uphill but it's actually downhill. it's happened in Indonesia too, there's a street where people believe it's haunted or curse because every vehicles machines always off out of sudden and start to move uphill it self and there's an explanation for it, i saw it on news.

  12. Hi….none of those stories are believable at all….
    And the one where the doll is against a grave….what sissies those guys were….people put those objects to loved ones graves to remember then….THAT was not paranormal….no offense just saying

  13. Dillon you removed your face from Instagram. I’m just glad I saw what you look like before you took it off. Big 💋

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  15. 41. " Jangan mencintai seseorang seperti bunga, karena bunga mati kala musim berganti. Cintailah mereka seperti sungai, karena sungai mengalir selamanya."

  16. Number one isn’t a cursed tree,it’s a popular street that is an optical illusion looking like its going down but it goes up and that’s why he is going back wards,look it up for more info

  17. Ok why is the half of this video's title written in albanian.Chills do you speak albanian.I am an albanian myself.Wait…..even the description is written in albanian.

  18. Number 13 "could be a sign from the under world"…. Erm nope it's called science when a thunder bolt hits a tree that's what happends.

  19. Video 2 is actually a real girl crying at somebody close to her he should go back at in the day time and get the name she’s visiting could be her mom and she just wants to be close to her but definitely someone close to her

  20. The shifter in that car can easily be broken I can put my Trail Blazer in n and it’s actually in reverse guys also some transmission if the car is actually in n but it’s actually reverse some cars actually have power enough to give the car truck power to move period

  21. #9: The Baron’s trying to say hi! lol
    #4: The headstone could be highly polished granite. They are quite glossy and can reflect headlights quite easily.
    #1: The area the car is on, while seemingly on an upgrade, is actually on a downgrade. This makes it seem like the car is rolling up hill backwards, when it’s really just rolling downhill. And you were actually driving uphill when you thought you were going down before.
    FYI: Really dig how even you keep your commentary of these videos. Really neutral.

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