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So, guys, my new camera arrived! It’s like Christmas! I am challenging myself
to documenting my whole crazy, stupid life, which means I am going to shoot and edit
a video every single day. Things are actually a bit
mental at the moment. Like, I’ve got loads of stupid
exams coming up at school. My sister Tara’s birthday is soon
and I have not got her anything yet. Awkward! And my dad’s getting remarried in a
couple of months to a total nutter, which I am totally dreading. I also really want to get fit. Look at those pathetic chicken arms. What even is that? So, maybe it’s not a good idea
to commit myself to making a video every day but, hey, life is short and I really can’t wait to get
stuck in and challenge myself. Let’s see what happens. Er – let’s do this. Mum! Tara! My new camera came! Guys, say hello. Hello. Ooh, it’s so pretty! Ooh. Hello, world. It’s me, Tara! THEY LAUGH
Smile for the camera. Oh, Imogene, don’t be filming
me, my hair’s a mess today. Your hair looks gorgeous. The camera loves you. Imo, I’ve been learning the worm.
I’m getting really good. SHE LAUGHS OK. Oh, God, stop!
THEY LAUGH Tara, you literally suck at that. Don’t be mean to your sister.
She’s trying. I don’t suck! I’m getting really good at it. You are hilariously bad. OK, that is going to go viral. Er, yeah, I’m going to be famous. I suppose you’re going to
be using this to video every second of the day. That’s the plan. Yeah, well, I don’t want the entire world looking into my living room. Mm, better do some housework, Mum. Er, here’s an idea. How about you and your sister do
some housework for a change? Er, I hoovered my room this morning. Er, yeah, for about five seconds. Why don’t you make a video of
cleaning the bathroom? I bet you loads of people
would watch that. Oh, my God, Mum, you are such a
fountain of brilliant ideas. Yeah, maybe Mum should
get her own channel. Maybe I will. I’m sure
about two people would watch. Oh!
SHE YOWLS How dare you! You cheeky… Stop!
THEY LAUGH Stop tickling Tara! I’m going to wet myself! Stop, Mum, stop! Oh, God. So, here I am in my shit school
with my main gals. Girls, say hello. Hiya. Sky. Annienoos! I keep telling you, Imo,
I do not look good on screen. Come on! Get that thing away for me. No! I want to enjoy my lunch in
peace, thank you very much. Rejection. Ouch! Rosa, any thoughts of the day? Smash the patriarchy
and fuck all men. Rosa loves men, actually. Er, no, I don’t. You can
say that again. No, I don’t. OK, I want to speak to all
the people out there. Oh, for God’s sake. Listen to me and you won’t have to
make the same horrible mistakes that I did. No. What? Men are pigs. Get it? Every last one of them.
And I don’t care what you say. They’re liars. Don’t ever trust them and
don’t EVER send them nudes. Oof. Or if you do, at least make
sure your head’s cropped out. Preach, girl!
Where were you all my life? Yeah, I wish I had role models
like you growing up. Lucky escape! Oi, Sky, give me your gum,
bitch, I’m starving. Yeah, well, maybe you should get
some lunch for once, then, bitch. It’s not my fault the
school dinners are gross. Yeah, mind your own
business, lunch police. What is he doing?
Oh, those lads are the worst. Hey, he smacked me in the head with
that football last week and he didn’t even say sorry.
Wayne Dwyer, what are you doing? Stop kicking that ball right now! You are perfectly aware ball
games are prohibited. Here we go.
I SAID stop kicking the ball. No bother, Miss. Troubled boy-child
looking for attention. THEY LAUGH
Wayne! Give me that ball. Whoa. Whoa. Aw, sorry, Miss! Did you want a go?
You should’ve said. Here.
BELL RINGS See you later, ladies. Please! THEY CHUCKLE Girls, it’s five to two. You’re going to be late for class. Imogene Walsh, are you filming? WHISPERS: Shit. So, guys, introducing the new me. What do you guys think?
OK, I’ll be honest, I haven’t really done much jogging
before, but today after school, I just felt so bloated and gross
and I was like, “You know what? “I’m going to challenge myself
and do the whole running thing.” My days of being
a giant carb are over. So, 5K, let’s go! Oh, my…! Oh, my…! Oh, God. Oh, my God. Seriously cannot deal with how
red and sweaty I am right now. This is literally like the first
time in my life I’ve ever gone jogging. I have such a stitch. You’re doing it. Go girl! Ooh, I’m starting to think that 5K
might be a bit ambitious for a beginner. Nah, you can do it. You’re going to feel SO
good afterwards. Oh, God, how do people do
this for a laugh? Oh, God, my legs are
about to fall off and I’ve got blisters
on my blisters. No pain, no gain! Oh, my God! We might actually be witnessing
marijuana exchanging hands. Scandal! What are you like? I’m moving back. Come on. Oh, God, it’s probably a bit
weird that I’m filming him. Maybe I need to stop being
such a creep. It is so rough having to look
at your face on the screen. I already knew I was an ugly crier
and now I can add ugly… Jesus! Mary and Joseph,
did I scare you? Give me that back! And what’s this
sophisticated piece of technology? It’s just…nothing. Oh, looks a lot like a camera to me. No, it’s just…
Oh, so you weren’t filming me, then? No, no. It’s all right, love. The camera loves me. What! So, what do we do?
OK, wait, wait, stop. I’ll do an intro. So, here we are with a very exclusive
interview with a local legend known as… Do not call me Demented Dwyer
or I’ll fucking stab you. I was going to say Wayne. I’m only winding you up. Demented Dwyer is all
good, or Waster Wayne, or the hottest lad at school,
whatever floats your boat. Right, folks? Oh! OK, so Wayne is here to clear up
a few rumours going around. So, I just wanted to say that
whatever you saw on Imogene’s footage earlier, if it looked
like I was selling stuff or, I don’t know, whatever, I just wanted to say that… I was. I’ll do you a
great deal, too. Whatever you need, I’ll hook you up.
Contact me through Imo. OK, he’s just joking.
I swear to God, he’s joking. Say no to drugs, kids.
Oh, do do drugs, kids. Stop! This is my video. I’m not do anything wrong.
Just being a good businessman. So, I kind of feel like
I’ve failed today. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve loads of time
to get on track. I know it sounds stupid, but earlier
I was so psyched up for my run and my new exercise routine and
I felt like it was a new chapter and all that BS. And I’ve just been watching back
some of the footage of my run and it really upset me. Like, obviously it’s kind of
hilarious how red-faced and sweaty I am. Like, I actually look like some kind
of horrible chubby tomato attempting to exercise. So hopefully you got some kind of
entertainment value out of it. I just don’t really like how I look.
When you’re running marathons, you’re going to watch
back those videos, you won’t even recognise yourself. There’s just so many things about
myself I need to change. Well, making a start is
the hardest part. Yeah. Look, think how good you’ll feel when you
look in the mirror and you like what you see. I just don’t know
if I’ll ever get there. Like, I just want to walk into a
room and actually feel like I’m hot. Hey, don’t talk like this. It just feels like it’s so
effortless for some people. Like, there’s so many girls at my
school with these naturally perfect bodies and I’m like, oh, it’s not fair. You can do this. Trust me. I don’t know. Mm, delicious water. Yum! OK, I’ve got to keep my voice down
or else Mum will murder me. So, guys, I had a bit of a dip there
earlier but I’m feeling way better now. Like, obviously, I know this
journey is going to be hard. That’s the point. I mean,
changing your life is hard. If it was easy,
then everyone would do it. So, yeah, I’m going to bed now and
make tomorrow into a fresh start. I’m going to try to really hard to
stay motivated and keep up the exercise plan. Good night, everybody!

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  1. If her friend has only known the dude kicking the ball, I agree with her lol. Dude seems like a charismatic piece of shit

  2. because i was flooded with tons of videos from you in one day in my subscribtion box .. just for that I am unsubscribing cause of this spamming ..

  3. For anyone confused about what this is, it is a scripted vlog to show the effects of anorexia. More details here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-41404054

  4. Constructive feedback: I’m REALLY not into the fake vlog format, but I’ll give the series a chance. Was this series promoted anywhere before this? I can’t find a trailer? I’m a few minutes in and I’m just not sure… what this is? I feel kind of hit with this… in a bad way.

  5. I was like wtf to but I watched the series and enjoyed it , stop judging also I think you lot should've released these videos every week or daily instead one big spam 😊

  6. Wow watching this for the second time. I didn't notice that "Anna" was in the first lunch seen too and no one talks about her or acknowledges what she says. Such a clever concept 🙂

  7. You guys should really put in the title or bio this is about ed im thankful that i looked at the comments before committing to this series as it would have been super harmful for me!!

  8. Do you guys think the friend she went running with and that massaged her neck is Anna ? Like….the girl suddenly isnt there anymore as soon as she talks to this guy….

  9. This is a good idea but its pretty obvious the 'friend' is not real, it'd be a bit better if it was more subtle. Maybe its just me. Its good anyway though (:

  10. Even if the actors were cast realistically (and by that I mean 40yos not playing secondary school students) the script is still so far from how real teenagers talk ? Like it was distracting how bad the script and acting was because the idea is actually pretty cool. Gonna keep watching purely for that

  11. it’s very unsafe to upload something that can be so triggering without even disclosing what it’s about, nevermind a trigger warning

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