🌞 InLife Sunrise Alarm Clock πŸ‘€ 7 Colors (Nature Sounds) πŸ‘ˆ

hey guys I got a new alarm clock from Inlife. I will need this since I’m starting college very soon and I don’t want to
miss any classes. This clock is the sunrise alarm clock featuring 7 changing
colors a night light and six nature sounds along with the FM radio and
sunset simulations here’s the box that I came in so the first thing I noticed was
the beautiful circular shape of the device it has a very sleek appearance
still very modern sleek well simplified with the buttons and everything on the
top the clock is powered by a u.s. cable or adapter so you can plug it in into
the wall or any device that accepts the USB port such as a computer or if you
had another device that you need to nearby that–how USB port it does have a
battery for backup and that is included and located here and here’s this port
right here the clock is very easy to set up as well
so right here is the alarm button you just press the center button right here
for the time and then use the plus and minus buttons along the outside to
manipulate the time that you want so there’s also a snooze button at the top
it’s very easy to reach and very you find there is a sunrise simulation
wakeup light 30 minutes before your alarm the light brightens gradually from
0% of brightness to 100% simulating the sunrise to prepare your body for waking
up naturally you can have the time display bright dim or off using this
button up here with the you know Half Moon shading texting and
goes that completely off dim and bright so the camera does not accurately pick
up the nice brightness of each color but all will taste is in anyway this can be
used as a mood light and it has seven colors to choose from so you just press
this button right here to bright the light button all the way in and then
it’s second choice will circle through the seven colors you see here or you can
press the plus button to pick your desired one rotates through green red
blue pink orange another type of blue like a cyan and green once again so
there you can also use the FM radio for your to listen to or even to have as the
alarm and there’s this button right here and you can read about it in the
instruction so there are six nature sounds that can go along with your
alarms this is how you change those there is a music button you hold that
down Oh there’s also a sunlight stimulation
sleep light can be selected between 15 30 and 60 minutes the light will
gradually dim automatically turn off at the time be select and a neat feature
that goes along with that when you turn on the FM radios the volume of the radio
will gradually fade out until it shuts off this is a multifunctional clock it
can be used as a bedside lamp or a nightlight and there are 10 brightness
settings to choose from you can especially using the first but first
clicking here you can go down dim it all the way we can bring it all the way to
brightness which this is pretty bright. So the Inlife sunrise simulation clock has a lot of options for sound and light and allows you to wake up and go
to sleep gently and gradually. Thanks for watching

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