Как подключить комплект видеонаблюдения CCTV COVI Security kit часть 2

We have already connected a CCTV kit and now is a brief overview of the settings First of all, go to the menu In playback mode press the right mouse button select the “Main Menu” and at the pop-up window enter your login and password We get into the window with main settings sections Consider some of them hard drive So, as we previously connected hard drive we need to format it Select the desired and click “Format” To select the camera connection mode, choose “System” and then “Select Mode” We can adjust the recording quality (select “Record”) Adjust the camera preview on the monitor and adjust data rate of video channel for each camera In the tab “Recording Plan”: recording shedule from cameras From the main screen we can get to the “Playback” menu where you can view the records from the cameras Let’s see how we can set up motion detection In menu there are kinds of recording: Continuous, by motion detection, and by alarm In “Detection” mode the DVR starts recording the selected camera (or cameras) only when motion is detected at zone which we previously set up So select “System” – “Alarm”, and the tab “Detection” Here we can set the detection area The screen that we see – the coverage area of the selected camera Set up detection zone for chosen camera We must choose the squares, in which will trigger motion detection Also we need to set up the sensitivity to avoid actuation on animal movement What else is Important to set up? Backing up the data Select the menu “Backup” and see a list of connected devices on which we will be able to back up data To connect the DVR to internet click at the menu “Network” and enter the necessary settings It’s needed for the remote control and looking through the CMS program or controlling by smartphone General system settings (time, format, language) can be changed in the menu “System” Thank you all and see you!

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  1. Какую программу на телефоне Вы используете для удаленного просмотра?

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